The Top 10 Comics of 2019!

by Ariel Lazo

BestOfBanner2019Small-300x138 The Top 10 Comics of 2019!The year 2019 was filled with ups and downs but luckily the comic market saw an increase in sales by 2.54%. What does that mean? That people are buying comics now more than ever!!! So which 10 beat out all of the rest to declare themselves the best of the best? Keep reading and let’s find out!


Top 10 Comics of 2019

This list is from ComicChron based on Diamond Comic Distributors sales to comic shops in 2019. Variants are not specified and are combined with their original covers.


752017_8077296e701529f2c28bbead1692e012954cd965-195x300 The Top 10 Comics of 2019!10. War of the Realms #1

193,906 copies sold, written by Jason Aaron. Here we see that Malekith and his allies have invaded Earth and the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe watch as the Earth falls.


9. Powers of X #1

198,060 copies sold. One of the two starting points created by the superstar Jonathan Hickman. He has lit a fire under collectors with his new series and takes on our favorite Marvel team the X-Men. Here we uncover secrets never revealed before about the past, present, and future of the X-Men.


8. House of X #1

212,113 copies sold. The first half of the new Dawn of X created by Hickman.759969_house-of-x-1-195x300 The Top 10 Comics of 2019! Here we see Professor X and Magneto in ways we never expected! The story arc is amazing and the artwork is phenomenal. No wonder this one made the list!


7. Marvel Comics #1000

216,038 copies sold with TONS of variant covers featuring amazing artists from the history of Marvel, it is a miracle it isn’t higher on the list. Although the most wanted variant is the D23 Expo Edition, a signed sketch edition of the same variant recently sold for $6,601.01!


760205_absolute-carnage-1-195x300 The Top 10 Comics of 2019!6. Absolute Carnage #1

242,402 copies sold. The GREATEST Carnage story ever told by the dynamic duo, Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman. Not to ruin too much in case you haven’t grabbed this (like seriously what are you waiting for?) but here we have Brock with his son Dylan as Carnage comes back into the picture attacking them. Who saves them? None other than VENOM!


5. DCeased #1

250,760 copies sold. What happens when a techno-virus goes crazy on the world? Our heroes go into action to stop it dead in its tracks! But now what if our heroes are the ones who get infected? Got to read to see what happens! This new take has spawned many spin-offs with our favorite DC Heroes becoming diseased going against their old pals.


4. Black Cat #1

261,751 copies sold. Felicia Hardy as the Black Cat is back with her own ongoing series. Currently, she is being chased by the Thieves Guild and our favorite web-head Spider-Man. What secret is our feline friend hiding? Was this one of the books you were dying to grab? Let me know below!


3. X-Men #1

269,153 copies sold. More proof that everything Hickman touches turns to gold. In a whole new series, the X-Men have shaken the world to its core. They finally have a place for sanctuary for every mutant and medicine that can help mutants and humans alike. In a world where mutants can come back to life, the possibilities are endless!


763912_f5ac797123ab75f0d152c72819ab2ad69d36d6fa-190x300 The Top 10 Comics of 2019!2. Spawn #300

275,749 copies sold. The longest-running independent series in comic book history!!! All hail the Todd-Father! This was the issue that tied him with Dave Sim’s Cerebus with 300 issues each, but with Spawn #301 the record was broken. You would think that #301 would be the one to be on the list but with the amazing covers featured in #300 like this one, we can see why this is here. The Gold Foil Edition at a 9.8 CGC sold for $575 just a few weeks ago!


Last but not least…


762933_detective-comics-1000-194x300 The Top 10 Comics of 2019!

1. Detective Comics #1000

574,705 copies sold. Beating out 2nd place by almost double, here we have the top sold comic of 2019, Detective Comics #1000 or better known as Tec 1000. This title has defined DC comics for years and after 80 years it has reached its 1,000th issue. Tackling his past, present, and future Batman takes a journey with an unbelievable line-up that includes the deadly Arkham Knight! Cover artists include Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, Neal Adams, Joelle Jones, and Alex Maleev.


Bottom Line

Personally, I own every book on the list, why? Because I like the titles and the artists/writers. Will these books let you retire in time? Highly doubtful but, they are still great to own regardless, especially anything related to the X-Men (what can I say? I am a fan of Hickman).

What are your thoughts on the list? Any you think should have made the cut? Any you think should not be up here? Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

Till Next Time…Happy Hunting!


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