The Thor Corps in the MCU

by Matt Tuck

Thor-Corps-300x157 The Thor Corps in the MCUDid the Love and Thunder set photos drop a subtle hint toward an MCU Thor Corps?

Those MCU set photos have been making the internet rounds as of late.

Love-and-Thunder-Thunderstrike-set-photo-179x300 The Thor Corps in the MCUFirst, there was a possible Mr. Negative sighting on the set of Spider-Man 3. Then there came a day unlike any other when Chris Hemsworth rocked some 1980s fashion with a leather vest and blue jeans. That look screamed, “Thunderstrike,” and it has me wondering, could Marvel Studios be gearing up for a version of the Thor Corps? Hear me out.


There have been different versions of the group, but the team always consists of characters who have held the power of Thor. The original group was introduced in 1991 when Thor/Eric Masterson, Beta Ray Bill, and a futuristic Thor, Dargo Ktor, joined forces in the pages of Thor #440 as part of the “Thor Wars” storyline. Marvel would launch a Thor Corps limited series in 1993, reuniting Dargo, Thunderstrike, and Beta Ray Bill. 

Another version was created in 2015’s Secret Wars as the police force of Doomworld who, swayed by Lady Thor/Jane Foster, joined Reed Richards in a rebellion against God Emperor Doom.


Who could be the members of an MCU Thor Corp? Love and Thunder will give us a much more clear picture, but here are my picks.

Lady-Thor-art-173x300 The Thor Corps in the MCULADY THOR

It has been official for over a year that Jane Foster will be worthy of Mjolnir and assume the power of the thunder god in Love and Thunder. That will make her the second Thor in the MCU, and Kevin Feige and company have teased that she will control that power for longer than just one movie. Will she remain the MCU’s Thor for the foreseeable future? That is doubtful, but she could stay on as one of several Thors.

Thunderstrike-art-175x300 The Thor Corps in the MCULOVE AND THUNDER…STRIKE?

No question, Thor will sport a Thunderstrike appearance in Love and Thunder. While casual fans are writing this off simply as Thor’s new look, comic fans are more skeptical.

Remember that in 1988, Thor merged with Eric Masterson just as Thor had once merged with Dr. Donald Blake to share two bodies. Later, Heimdall gave Eric control over Thor’s body. When he and Thor were magically split into two beings, Masterson was given a magic mace and became a superhero of his own, Thunderstrike. 

Who’s to say that in the set photos we aren’t seeing Thor with Eric Masterson’s mind in control, thus giving birth to Thunderstrike? That would also help to explain Thor’s body transformation post-Endgame. Food for thought: maybe by the end of Love and Thunder, Thor and Thunderstrike will be separate characters in the MCU. 

BETA RAY BILLBeta-Ray-Bill-art-2-300x294 The Thor Corps in the MCU

I know he’s coming to the MCU. You know he’s coming to the MCU. Kevin Feige even approved his image being added to the Grandmaster’s tower in Thor: Ragnarok.

Beta-Ray-Bill-GOTG-Easter-Egg-300x169 The Thor Corps in the MCUBefore that, though James Gunn denies it, there was a mysterious figure in a Thor-like red cape among the Collector’s treasures in Guardians of the Galaxy. So, yeah, Beta Ray Bill is lurking in the shadows of the MCU, and he will make his grand debut sooner or later.

thor-love-and-thunder-logo-300x169 The Thor Corps in the MCUTHE TEAM UP WE DIDN’T KNOW WE WANTED

Safely assuming that Bill will join the MCU and wield some form of Stormbreaker is the icing on the cake. Once he arrives and is yet another being worthy of the power of Thor (which seems like a running gag waiting to happen), then Marvel will have all it needs for the Thor Corps.

That would give the MCU four characters to put together in the group: Thor Odinson, Jane Foster, Eric Masterson, and Beta Ray Bill. If only Throg could make an appearance, the pieces would be completely in place.

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James J Paparella February 17, 2021 - 1:19 am

Please include Throg! He and Beta Ray Bill could be the next Rocket/Groot team up!


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