The Super Sons

by Blaise Tassone

689790_d2a41cc357da1126ffb8a00f8c4f3189e5f60a30-198x300 The Super Sons

One of the most intriguing aspects of comic book speculation is trying to pick comics that will become popular and sought out before they actually take off in popularity. Unfortunately, picking out the comics everyone will want before they heat up is not easy. There’s no special trick or logical algorithm that will allow you to deduce which comic will end up the next Incredible Hulk #181 or Batman Adventures #12. So, like picking winning teams or lottery numbers, there’s an element of chance and even guessing involved.

In that spirit I’m going to look at a comic that is probably not currently at the top of many people’s ‘most wanted’ lists. However, while it’s not a comic many people are looking for right now, it does have a few things going for it. First, it’s directly connected to two very well-known brands (Superman and Batman). Second, it’s a fun read, and a concept that has been around for quite a while and one that doesn’t seem to be going to disappear anytime soon.

I’m talking about the Super Sons. For those who don’t know them, they are currently the team of Jonathan Samuel Kent and Damien Wayne, the sons of Superman and Batmen respectively.

Although their self-titled comic was just cancelled, there are rumors that a mini-series is coming up and the two have been featured in some top DC special series recently, e.g. Dark Night: Metals. In terms of speculation about their key issues now is a good time to seek them out since picking up most of these comics involves very low risk and it’s an investment that may very well pay off. So what are the key issues of the Super Sons?

World’s Finest #154 (December 1965) – First Appearance of the Super Sons

The concept of the Super Sons actually goes back to the Silver Age. The pair were created by Bob Haney and Dick Dillin and make their first appearance as the super sons in World’s Finest #154. Often you’ll see WF #215 listed as their first appearance, but this was actually their second. WF #154 is the first. While it can be argued that Clark Kent Jr. (Son of Kal El and Lois Lane) and Bruce Wayne Jr. (Son of Bruce Wayne and Kathy Kane—anybody remember her?), are only introduced here as try-out imaginary characters, the later stories that explain the fate of the pair in subsequent issues of World’s Finest make clear that they were actual characters. The two where eventually explained as holographic creations of the technology of the Fortress of Solitude. They had stepped out of the fortress and began to lead their own independent existence, but eventually decided to terminate their lives when they learned that continuing to exist would endanger the Earth. This comic has seen strong returns in high grades. A 9.6 copy sold for $437.70 on Nov. 05, 2017 in an Ebay auction.

Superman v4 #10 (January 2017) – First Modern Super Sons

DC Rebirth also saw a rebirth of the Super Sons, but this time as Superboy and Robin. Peter Tomasi pens this issue and Patrick Gleason illustrates. It features the initial meeting and initiates the eventual pairing up of the duo. The contrasting personalities of Jonathan and Damien make for some lively interactions. This is a modern comic and shouldn’t be too hard to find in 9.8 grade. Prices in that grade have recently dipped after rising to over a hundred dollars. Now is the time to buy.

Super Sons #1 (February 2017) – First Solo Series

Recently cancelled at issue #16, but certainly not due to the great writing and art nor, apparently, to bad sales. Tomasi has stated that there are plans in the works for the pair, so we just have to sit tight and wait. In the meantime, it’s not a bad idea to seek out this comic which is a modern key because it’s the first solo-series of the Super Sons. It didn’t take long after their first introduction in Superman #10 for the two to get their own book. Tomasi was joined by Jorge Jimenez who illustrates this issue. A very similar situation to Superman #10 regarding value and prices. After seeing a bump on release, prices are currently way down so it’s a great time to buy and enjoy this series.

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