The Stuff of Nightmares: D’spayre, Sleepwalker, and Chthon

by Don Yu

031822B-1024x536 The Stuff of Nightmares: D'spayre, Sleepwalker, and ChthonThere’s so much to speculate on regarding Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness! Based upon toys that Marvel has released in coordination with the film and from comic storylines, we should take a close look at the following characters: D’Spayre, Sleepwalker, and Chthon.

img_4703-182x300 The Stuff of Nightmares: D'spayre, Sleepwalker, and ChthonD’Spayre first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #68.

We have good reason to believe that one of the villains in Multiverse of Madness will be D’spayre, a character that first appeared in Marvel Team-Up #68.

Hasbro produced eight action figures related to the Multiverse of Madness: Dr. Strange, Wong, America Chavez, Baron Mordo, Defender Strange, D’spayre, Sleepwalker, and Rintrah.

We’ve seen all of those characters in the Multiverse of Madness trailer except for D’spayre and Sleepwalker. It is highly unlikely Disney and Hasbro would spend money producing two toys that children would never see on the big screen.

The first appearance of D’Spayre is still relatively inexpensive with raw copies selling in March from $25 to $85 on eBay. On March 13, a rare CGC 9.8 copy sold for $390. Screen-Shot-2022-03-17-at-11.05.26-PM-196x300 The Stuff of Nightmares: D'spayre, Sleepwalker, and Chthon

Sleepwalker first appeared in Sleepwalker #1.

Marvel and Hasbro also produced a Sleepwalker toy as well sparking interest in this character’s first appearance. Created by Bob Budiansky and Bret Blevins, Sleepwalker first appeared in Sleepwalker #1 in 1991. A supernatural superhero who protects people as they dream, it seems plausible that Sleepwalker would appear in the Multiverse of Madness, since Doctor Strange says he is haunted by nightmares in the film’s trailer.

Copies of Sleepwalker’s first appearance are still affordable. A CGC 9.4 copy of Sleepwalker #1 recently sold for $89 on March 13th, and high-grade raw copies are selling for around $20 on eBay. If he plays a major role in the film, we shouldn’t be surprised if the value of this issue rises substantially. Screen-Shot-2022-03-13-at-6.20.30-PM-192x300 The Stuff of Nightmares: D'spayre, Sleepwalker, and Chthon

Chthon first appeared in Marvel Chillers #1.

I’d also bet on the elder god, Chthon, appearing in the Multiverse of Madness. Chthon created the Darkhold, the tome of spells the Scarlett Witch possesses in WandaVision and reappears in in the trailer for the Multiverse of Madness. In the comics, Chthon also possesses Wanda as his vessel on Earth. Lastly, several YouTubers believe Chthon’s face appears in one of the shards of glass in the official Multiverse of Madness poster. For these reasons, no one should be surprised if he appears in the film.

Chthon first appears in Marvel Chillers #1. In March, raw copies of this book have sold for $20 to $55 on eBay. A CGC 9.2 copy sold for $300 on March 1st. In addition, this book serves as a double key since it also contains the first appearance of Modred the Mystic.

Even if these characters don’t appear in the Multiverse of Madness, they’re still good speculation books, in my opinion. With Marvel seeking to further explore the horror genre in Blade, Werewolf By Night, and Ghost Rider, D’Spayre, Sleepwalker, or Chthon could appear in those projects as well.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

00080221C_Green-Footer The Stuff of Nightmares: D'spayre, Sleepwalker, and Chthon*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not reflect investment advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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docspin March 23, 2022 - 7:15 pm

Strange Tales #146 is an underrated key. It is the first appearance of Eternity on a cover, and it is the 1st appearance of A.I.M. What is not recognized is that it is the 1st Strange Tales cover featuring *exclusively* Doctor Strange. Every other Strange Tales covers featuring Doc are shared with either Nick Fury or other unrelated story characters. In a market that is leaning heavily to cover-based information, this will soon be a major key.


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