The Speculation Game: Spawn #9 and Age of Ultron #10

by Matt Tuck

Could Angela finally make her MCU debut in Thor: Love and Thunder? The evidence points to that being the case, which will make her key appearances skyrocket.

Sera-300x244 The Speculation Game: Spawn #9 and Age of Ultron #10SERA OPENING DOORS

Earlier this month, Kevin Feige, lord of all things Marvel, teased a new character coming to the MCU in the near future.

While speaking to film students in New York, he was asked about a transgender character appearing in the MCU, and he responded that Marvel had that in the works. With Thor: Love and Thunder currently in development, speculators connected the dots and assumed that he was referring to Sera, who is Marvel Comics’ best-known transgender character. For more on that, check out “The Speculation Game: Angela #1.” 

The puzzle pieces do align to suggest Sera is on her way to the MCU, but I don’t see her being alone. In the comics, she and Angela are not only angels from the Tenth Realm, Heven, but they are a couple. That leads me to believe that if Sera is indeed brought to live-action in the fourth Thor film, we will also see a live-action Angela on screen as well.

Spawn-9-195x300 The Speculation Game: Spawn #9 and Age of Ultron #10SPAWN #9

The rumor mill is already affecting prices for Sera’s first appearance. The standard cover of Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #1 at a 9.8 has averaged over $130 in January when it was a $28 comic only two years ago. Considering Angela is much more famous, her first appearance will eclipse those figures once she is confirmed for the MCU.

The myth of Angela extends beyond the panels of Marvel comics. Initially an Image property, she was co-created by Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane in Spawn #9. She quickly gained popularity and was featured in cartoons and her own limited series. However, Gaiman and McFarlane clashed over who owned the rights to her character, though Gaiman would eventually win out. He then sold the rights to Marvel, where she has been since 2013. 

This is actually a great time to buy Spawn #9. Although 2019 was an overall good year for the issue, the past 90 days have seen a fall in prices to their lowest in years. Take the 9.8. In 2018, it averaged $67 before jumping to $82 last year. Since October, the fair market value has been just $68, and the most recent sale was for $60 earlier this month. That is a steal for a character who is bound to appear in a Thor movie at some point in the future. 

Age-of-Ultron-10-193x300 The Speculation Game: Spawn #9 and Age of Ultron #10AGE OF ULTRON #10

When it comes to Angela’s key issues, the other comic you will want is Age of Ultron #10, which is her Marvel debut. Like Spawn #9, it is a buyer’s market for this one and that is great news for speculators. A standard cover 9.8 currently has a 12-month average of $48 after a 2018 fair market value of $55. Back in October, one copy sold for $50, suggesting that the market is about to swing upward for Age of Ultron #10. 

If you have the budget, now is an excellent time to buy the Joe Quesada variant cover. Last year, it averaged over $200, and it has a 90-day FMV of $242. However, the most recent sale from November was for $184. This could be an opportune time to scoop up a high grade and hold it until the MCU rumors start flying. 

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Jay Ortiz January 23, 2020 - 8:13 pm

I just picked up an Angela 9 CGC 9.6 for 30 bucks!


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