The Speculation Game: Incredible Hulk #258

by Matt Tuck

Incredibile-Hulk-258-192x300 The Speculation Game: Incredible Hulk #258The latest trailer for the Black Widow movie has fueled speculation for a number of characters, but an Easter egg and a fan theory has put Incredible Hulk #258 on plenty of wish lists.

What makes this issue special? It’s the first appearance of Ursa Major. In the comics, he is a shapeshifter who takes the form of a giant, super-powered bear. Originally a member of the Soviet Super-Soldiers, he has since become an integral part of the Russian version of the Avengers, the Winter Guard. As I outlined in “An MCU Winter Guard? It Could Happen,” the stage is being set for the Russian Avengers, especially since Red Guardian is featured so prominently. 

Ursa-Major-interior-300x232 The Speculation Game: Incredible Hulk #258Initially, it didn’t appear that Ursa Major would be part of the Black Widow movie. However, fans have spotted what could be a clue that he will be making his live-action debut either in Black Widow or a future film. The theory revolves around a small bear statue on a desk in one clip from the trailer. Granted it’s a quick shot that only lasts a second, but it’s clearly there. True, it could be argued that it is simply a decoration, and bears are a stereotypical Russian symbol for a movie set in Russia. However, this is Marvel Studios, and Kevin Feige and company do enjoy their Easter eggs with bigger implications, so it’s hard to argue against it being an allusion to Ursa Major. 

All that being said, is this Easter egg enough reason for collectors to stampede for Hulk #258? Honestly, it shouldn’t be, but it will nonetheless. When it comes to comic investing, you want to be ahead of the game, and hesitating on a speculative issue could put you behind the curve. At the moment, things haven’t gotten too crazy, so now is your time to buy. While a 9.8 has quickly jumped from being a $150 comic to cracking $200, the lower grades are still reasonable. However, before you bank on Ursa Major, let me remind you of Hydro-Man.

ASM-212-195x300 The Speculation Game: Incredible Hulk #258THE SAD TALE OF AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #212

If you can get your hands on a cheap copy of Hulk #258, then it’s worth the gamble in case Ursa Major is confirmed for live-action. Just don’t forget that speculators have been burned before.

It was this time last year when the “leaked” still shots from Spider-Man: Far From Home made their rounds on the internet. That led to the theory that Hydro-Man was in the movie, and prices for Amazing Spider-Man #212 went through the roof virtually overnight. In some cases, values tripled, which you can read more about in “Since When Did Hydro-Man Matter?” Then Far From Home premiered, and those Hydro-Man gambles were busts. He wasn’t part of the movie, and that poor soul who spent a record $550 for a 9.8 back in January would be lucky to get more than $200 for that same comic. 


It’s called speculation for a reason. Certainly, the signs are aligning for Ursa Major to appear in the MCU whether now or later, but as with Hydro-Man, there are no guarantees unless Feige says otherwise. If prices start getting crazy – which they probably will – remember ASM #212 before you overspend. 



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comicbookgod (Chris Peruzzi) December 18, 2019 - 12:39 pm

I’m just amazed that no one on the MCU writing staff has taken advantage of the possibility of a Crimson Dynamo appearance. Iron Man may be gone, but his Russian Counterpart who was very prominent in the bronze age may have some mileage.

Matt Tuck December 18, 2019 - 7:28 pm

I agree with you, Chris. Even if they already used Ivan Vanko, there’s been over a dozen Crimson Dynamos, so it’s not like they can’t dip deeper into the well for a new character. On that subject, you may want to look at my Winter Guard post from last week.


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