The Son of Venom

by Matt Tuck

Two issues of Venom are stealthily creeping up in value, and they have the potential to be red hot comics in the future.

If you weren’t paying attention, you may have missed Venom #7 and Venom #9. In the past month, both issues have been gaining value, and they have even brought more than one of last year’s hot comics, Venom #3, which featured the first appearance of Knull.

Venom-Dylan-Brock-193x300 The Son of VenomWhat’s so special about these issues? They feature the first appearances, both cameo and full, of Dylan Brock. Initially, writer Donny Cates brought Dylan into the Venom mythos as Eddie Brock’s brother in Venom #7. Two issues later, it was revealed that the symbiote had been altering Eddie Brock’s memories. One of those memories was that Dylan was not his brother but his son.

Since that revelation, both issues have become more popular among collectors. Don’t be mistaken in thinking either of these issues are blistering the market; only one graded copy of Venom #9 – the issue in which Dylan was revealed as Eddie’s son – has sold, but keep in mind that it hasn’t been on store shelves for very long, either. However, the one sale was for an eye-catching $80.



Venom-7-198x300 The Son of Venom

Venom #7 has more sales, and it has been steadily gaining traction since the beginning of the year. Throughout January and into February, a graded 9.8 sold for $25 and $26, which wouldn’t have even covered grading fees. Beginning the last week of February, prices gradually began to rise. On February 21, it went up a modest $4, but a day later, one sold for $65. On March 3, a new record high was set with a $100 sale. That may prove to be an outlier, but it is an indication of the rising popularity of this issue. 

First appearances are the backbone of collecting when it comes to key issues. Marvel and DC clearly use this to help with sales as we’re seeing a plethora of new characters almost monthly. The publishers know that collectors will snatch up every last copy of a first appearance, and that will cause prices to spike very quickly. However, what makes a first appearance retain the value long term is a matter of how the character is used. Take Cosmic Ghost Rider and the Batman Who Laughs. Their debuts have become so valuable because Marvel and DC are keeping their respective stories active.

Venom-9-197x300 The Son of VenomAnnouncing Dylan Brock as Eddie’s son was an interesting twist in what has been a popular run from Cates and artist Ryan Stegman. If Cates has bigger plans for Dylan and (even better) Marvel evolves him into a more important role, then Venom #7 and #9 will be great investments.

In the collecting world, out of sight equals out of mind which equals lower values. Since Knull has yet to make another appearance after Eddie locked him in a furnace, the once-hot comic has cooled and values have dipped. Since you can still get a high-grade raw copy of Dylan’s first appearances at low prices, they are worth picking up, but it will depend on his future role if those turn out to be diamonds.

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