The Sold-Out Existence 2.0 #1 Lives Again Online

by Jeff

jun090380d The Sold-Out Existence 2.0 #1 Lives Again OnlineMedia Release — After EXISTENCE 2.0’s first issue faced a complete distribution-level sell out Image Comics, writer Nick Spencer and illustrator Ronald Salas bring their noir crime thriller online thanks to a partnership with Comic Book Resources.

“EXISTENCE 2.0 is a very different book, combining crime noir with hard edge science fiction that’s an absolute must read for any fan of TRANSMETROPOLITAN and CRIMINAL,” Image Comics Partner Jim Valentino said. “When the news of the sell out came in we knew we had to get the book in front of as many eyes as possible. Luckily the people at Comic Book Resources were very enthusiastic and gave our first issue a home.”

EXISTENCE 2.0 is set in motion when less than ethical physicist, Sylvester Baladine, is assassinated and has his consciousness transferred into the body of his killer. Life isn’t all bad considering his new body is younger, better looking, and still possesses all of the talents of a life-long trained killer. That is, until he finds out that the same group of assasins that plotted his death have taken the one thing he held dear in his previous life – his daughter. Now Sylvester must return to his past to find out who ordered his assassination and what they want with his daughter. There’s only one problem – a lot of people wanted him dead!

EXISTENCE 2.0 #1 will be online on Comic Book Resources July 8th, 2009. EXISTENCE 2.0 #2 (JUN090380), a 32-page full color comic book for $3.50, will be in stores August 5th, 2009.

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