The Snap and The Blip for Speculators

by Michael Vlachakis

145444_aec5e9105e33d6fb24b78eed9e9f88852166ccbf-197x300 The Snap and The Blip for Speculators

Do you stay up late wondering how the Snap and the Blip played out in reality?  Does it make your brain hurt too?  I assume we are not the only ones.  Why did the Avengers believe the best solution was to just bring everyone back instead of just going back to the instance the Snap happened and undoing it (this is a way cleaner version but instead they just gave into Stark’s plan with no debate or discussion of ramifications).  And ultimately, what they did with the infinity stones was to put them back where they came from, as to “not mess with” everything they did…but they still chose the hard road of bringing everyone back after a 5 year gap.

So, even after a bit of explanation in Spider-Man: Far From Home, I still find it a bit hard to decipher how the logistics for the Blip and the Snap work out.  Here are the facts and ensuing questions that arise as part of this debacle.  For 5 years, the world functioned on half the population.  How do you maintain business as normal when the other half magically show up?  There would not be enough food supply…There may have been a change to their living situation (home destroyed, others moved in, etc)…There would be a need to fill a lot of jobs to neatly fold in the second half of society…So, in conclusion, it would definitely take a bunch of time to figure things out.  But hey, Peter Parker just walks back into school and gives Ned a hug and I feel like Marvel just fixed all the problems, made light of them, and asked you not to worry about the logic.  I need a Snap to fix this headache.

But lets face it.  The blip is good for speculators.  No more wondering if your favorite hero was wiped away or if your investment in the character turned to ash in the process.  The Snap and the Blip are both rationale for any decision that Marvel makes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) moving forward, and somewhat of a cop out.  Black Widow and Iron Man are gone…no problem, just make a movie set in the past and resurrect them both…on film, at least.  It can’t be bad for either character’s market value and copies of Avengers #196 are seeing a spike with the coming of Taskmaster.  Comics have always had an aura of the impossible when it comes to character “deaths” and a “new beginning” is just a new storyline away.  So again, why not make some cleaner rationale for the end of the Avengers movies, or how about not ending things that cleanly at all.  Perpetual cliffhangers and unanswered questions are great…just ask ‘Lost’ fans.

With all the tumult that has occurred in the MCU between the recent movies, spats with Sony, Phase IV, announcements, and Disney+ streaming, I have no clue what the future may hold and where hidden value may lie.  But that is part of the excitement of comics and speculation…you never know what is coming around the corner.

Are you still confused about the integral workings of the Snap and the Blip?  What questions do you have?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!

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bbbbzzzz5555 September 25, 2019 - 8:45 am

I thought Stark wanted to keep his daughter, who would have been wiped away if they reverted everything to pre-snap.

Bullseye September 26, 2019 - 10:43 pm

Stark’s daughter staying alive is a terrible reason to put people back 5 years later… what about all the other planets of aliens… don’t they get a say? And oops if you were flying in a plane or in a car during the blip, as you probably returned to fall to your death or get hit by oncoming traffic.


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