The Secret Origin of Tony Stark concludes in IRON MAN #17

by Jeff

aug130819 The Secret Origin of Tony Stark concludes in IRON MAN #17Media Release — Tony Stark. Billionaire, Genius, Iron Man. Every family has secrets, even the world famous Starks. And those secrets finally come to light in the twists and turns of Iron Man #17 – On Sale Now!

From the blockbuster writer Kieron Gillen and artists Carlo Pagulayan & Scott Hanna – Tony Stark has been under the impression that his parents made a sinister deal to save his life as a sickly infant. To turn him into a technological messiah for a manipulative alien race. Except now he’s about to discover the truth – and he was very, very wrong.

If you don’t want to know what happens in the shocking Iron Man #17 – STOP READING NOW!

Tony was not that fatally ill child. It was Arno Stark – the biological son of Howard and Maria Stark! Tony learns the startling secret that he was adopted as an infant, and now his entire life as a Stark is in question. Dealing with this revelation Tony is also confronted with the brother he never knew he had!

“When you discover something about yourself, you reprocess. How does it churn in the gut? How do you re-examine your life?” said Gillen, in an interview with the Associate Press. “It’s a completely different prism in how you study yourself.”

So, who is Tony Stark? Don’t miss the gut-wrenching Iron Man #17 for the answer!

IRON MAN #17 (AUG130819)
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