The Rockpool Files Premiere September 2009

by Jeff

JUL090645 The Rockpool Files Premiere September 2009Media Release — The Inter-Galactic Detective Agency has its fair share of odd cases — murderers who blame gravity, frozen blue men, crimes predicted by the skull of Nostradamus — but, luckily, it has the right man for every job, Mr. Crusht Acean. Despite his apathy and crushing existential angst, he manages to solve the case every time, and a series of his exploits are told in the new book by Glenn Dakin and Phil Elliott, The Rockpool Files, due out from SLG Publishing in September.

It was while Glenn and Phil were walking along the beach at Folkstone, England that they came up with the concept of The Rockpool Files.

They’d just finished eating a bowl of shrimp when Glenn suddenly screamed, “Oh, no! Do you realize that we’ve just eaten a bowl of sentient creatures, capable of deep and profound thoughts?”

“Shrimps are on the lowest rung of intelligent life,” replied Phil. “Besides, crabs are far more perceptive, but that didn’t stop you from tucking into that crab bisque you had at lunchtime. Why, I’d wager a crab could solve a crime as easily as Sherlock Holmes.”

“That’s it,” said Glenn. “From now on I’m no longer going to eat crabs but will instead write mysterious, funny and downright odd stories about them.”

“And I’ll draw them!” said Phil.

And so, The Rockpool Files was created. Glenn and Phil previously collaborated on the one-shot Mr. Night, published by SLG. Phil was also the artist on the SLG graphic novel Contraband, written by Thomas Behe, the series Tupelo, written by Matt DeGennaro, and the Dark Horse graphic novel Illegal Alien, written by James Robinson. Glenn Dakin, who has done extensive illustration and cartooning in the United Kingdom, is perhaps best known in the United States for the Top Shelf collection of his Abe comic strips, Abe: Wrong for All the Right Reasons.

The Rockpool Files is a 64-page collection of comic strips and will retail for $6.95. It is available for pre-order from comic book stores now with the Diamond code JUL090645 and will be in stores in September 2009.

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