The Rise of Wraith

by Matt Tuck

Annihilation-Conquest-Wraith-1-191x300 The Rise of WraithIs Wraith being primed to overthrow the King in Black and lay claim to the Marvel Universe? It appears there are big plans for this Kree warrior, and it is fueling speculation for his first appearance.

Although he made his first appearance in 2007, Wraith has been getting love from the Marvel Universe in recent years. It began with Donny Cates’ Guardians of the Galaxy run, and it has led to him playing a big role in the King in Black. He is even getting his own spin-off comic, Web of Venom: Wraith #1. All of that has ignited the speculative fires for his debut issue.

Web-of-Venom-Wraith-1-198x300 The Rise of WraithWHO IS HE?

I would say Wraith could be thought of as a Kree zombie warrior.

In true Batman fashion, Zak-Del was a child when he witnessed the murder of his parents. He is later picked up by the Nameless, who initiated Zak-Del into their ranks, infecting him with Exolons. Those Exolons are parasites that feed on the souls of living creatures, and they grant Wraith enhanced physical abilities as well as immortality.

He was first introduced in 2007’s Annihilation Conquest, which is a great story that I highly recommend. Since then, he has made assorted guest spots, but it looks like Marvel could be putting the spotlight on him during The King in Black crossover.


As the speculation grows for Wraith, so do the prices for his first appearance. He’s been a modestly popular character since his debut 13 years ago, but his newfound importance is boosting fair market values. 

Wraith-origin-192x300 The Rise of WraithTwo years ago, the 9.8 was a $90 comic. The real tale of the tape is the volume. In 2018, just two graded 9.8s traded hands online. Things picked up somewhat last year, and six copies were bought and sold online with a $150 fair market value. This year is blowing all of that out of the water.

So far in 2020, 31 graded 9.8s have been sold online, and 17 of those have occurred in the past 90 days, which is more than double 2018 and 2019’s volume combined. What is more, is that the FMV has gone through the roof. Month after month, this comic is setting record highs. In fact, there has not been a sale below $200 since February. 

August proved to be the coup de gras for Wraith #1. Last month’s six sales saw the 9.8 averaged $466. Even more impressive is that August 24 saw a new record high of $585. As The King in Black heats up, I expect that figure to be surpassed in a matter of weeks.


I have speculated before that Annihilation Conquest would make for great cinema. With Kevin Feige in charge of all things Marvel both printed and filmed, it stands to reason that Wraith’s name is being tossed around. That would explain his 2020 push.

Could we see an onscreen Wraith in the near future? He’s already made his animated debut in Guardians of the Galaxy. It would be logical for him to now have a live-action counterpart, and I think it is inevitable that day will come. When that happens, Wraith #1 could become a four-figure comic.

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moodswing September 21, 2020 - 11:27 am

So do we assume he wasn’t killed after the the Web of Venom 1 shot? The ending symbol of the god of light probably hints at more to come for him.

Matt Tuck September 25, 2020 - 7:23 pm

There’s definitely more to come for Wraith. Death means practically nothing in comics.


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