The Return of Gunslinger Spawn in Spawn #309

by Matt Tuck

Spawn-309-Cover-B-199x300 The Return of Gunslinger Spawn in Spawn #309Todd McFarlane’s iconic anti-hero is making waves with Spawn #309. Why are collectors so excited about this issue? Gunslinger Spawn.


It is all about Gunslinger Spawn…at least for the most part. This issue will feature the return of Gunslinger Spawn, and the artwork for him is classic McFarlane aesthetic, so I am on board. 

Spawn-309-Cover-A-195x300 The Return of Gunslinger Spawn in Spawn #309The other part of the equation is the Spawn movie rumors. In 2018, McFarlane was announcing casting choices and a partnership with horror moguls Blumhouse Productions. Then last year, the “Todd Father” pulled out of the deal citing creative differences, and the project looked dead in the water.

Now there is a batch of new rumors that McFarlane and Blumhouse are back at work hashing out the details. That has put Spawn back in the spotlight, and collectors are keeping an eye on any key issues.

It does not hurt that McFarlane has returned to writing and contributing some art to the series, at least on a part-time basis. On top of Todd’s artwork, the recent storyline is intriguing. All of this adds up to drawing more fans back to Image Comics’ original star attraction. 

Spawn-309-Cover-C-195x300 The Return of Gunslinger Spawn in Spawn #309THE THREE COVERS OF SPAWN #309

Spawn #309 won’t be released until the end of August, but it has not slowed collectors from paying inflated prices online.

The biggest seller is the McFarlane Cover B variant with Gunslinger Spawn emblazoned on the front. Personally, I love this visual, and I am eager to see what the “Todd Father” does with the character. The eBay sold listings have this variant selling in the $40-$50 range. If you are looking for cheaper options, both covers A and C are staying near that $3 cover price, which is great news if you are simply wanting an issue for the story and less for the investment potential.



Spawn-119-197x300 The Return of Gunslinger Spawn in Spawn #309SPAWN #119

Gunslinger Spawn made his first appearance in issue #119 in a brief cameo. With the increased interest in Spawn #309, look for this one to get a rub.

Two years ago, this was an $18 comic. Now that Gunslinger Spawn is making a return, prices are on the move. A 9.8 sold in May for $104 after setting a record high of $120 in April. Meanwhile, the 9.6 brought $80 in May as well.




Spawn-174-200x300 The Return of Gunslinger Spawn in Spawn #309SPAWN #174

It took years before we would finally get a full Gunslinger Spawn story, but it was worth the wait. This issue not only gave readers the Gunslinger’s first full and cover appearance, but it revealed his origin.

This has always been the bigger issue of the two, and it has nearly tripled in value in the past two years. In 2018, the 9.8 carried a fair market value of $112. Over the past 90 days, it has ballooned to $309, and the past six sales have all been for $220 or more. The most recent sale was for $325 in June.



Spawn-175-195x300 The Return of Gunslinger Spawn in Spawn #309

SPAWN #175

Another issue Gunslinger Spawn fans will want on their radar is #175. It may not be the first appearance, but this is proving to be the most coveted of his key issues.

The last 9.8 copy sold went for $350 in July. A month prior, it reached a record of $400. That gives it a 90-day FMV of $358.


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Edwin Segovia September 2, 2020 - 2:15 pm

Which has the most investment potential of those 3?

Matt Tuck September 6, 2020 - 7:36 pm

At the moment, the McFarlane cover is getting the biggest returns.

Edwin Segovia September 19, 2021 - 4:20 pm

Is issue 309 a NEW gunslinger Spawn?


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