The Punishing Truth

by Norman Robinson III

139171_73d20dff0c587c8c59ab2130e4eb08d0bb04c00e-196x300 The Punishing TruthThe Punisher series was recently canceled on Netflix. It was simply a tour de force. The acting was solid, the story was good, but the action sequences were nothing short of awesome. Still, the series got the ax. The impact on the Punisher comics has been like a combat boot to the gut. Sure the first appearance is going strong but how about the Punisher Limited Series? In comics Punisher was the king; now is he a pauper? Punisher #1 (Limited Series) is a fun start to this iconic character’s series. The writing was great, the art was exceptional and in the 80s, we had never seen covers that kinetic. They followed with three more covers equally beautiful. As a speculator buying into the Punisher brand and stocking up my Punisher Armory was a no brainer. Now, that the Netflix show has been canceled; has there been blowback for this once prosperous comic book series?

With over 2000 issues outstanding from the CGC Census, this book is fairly prevalent in a slab. Of those 2000 about 1582 are Universal Grade. Universal Grade is basically a comic book with no missing parts, serious damage, or worse yet the dreaded “restored” designation which would easily cut the book’s value -70% of the market value of a Universal Grade book. The returns have been great for this book long-term, but today we are reviewing the short-term effects of a recently canceled Netflix show.


Punisher #1 (Limited Series)

This comic book was created by Mike Zeck (art) and Steven Grant (script). Further, let’s give a nod to Phil Zimelman who did a fantastic job painting over Zeck’s artwork for this truly magnificent cover. The Punisher #1 has returned short-term results from 1/1/19 thru 3/21/19:

  • Grade 9.8 $375 FMV with a negative return -4.5%
  • Grade 9.6 $130 FMV with a negative return -0.7%
  • Grade 9.0 $55 FMV with a negative return -33.9%
  • Grade 8.0 $46 FMV with a negative return -36.4%

These kind of losses are like watching Frank Castle (The Punisher) get tortured in the first season by some common hood. You just don’t want to believe that is happening to your favorite vigilante super-hero, but the blood, gore, and anguish are proof damage has been done. Over the last three months, this book has fallen on an average of about 30% of market value. Now, as a long-term investment, I think everyone can rest easy. The easiest speculations or investments are the ones you would probably own regardless of profit and Punisher #1 (Limited Series) is certainly one of those books.

Amazing Spider-Man #129

If the initial comic book series of Punisher has taken a hit to the bottom line; has this cancelation hurt the original first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #129? Can the first appearance of such a popular character resist a cancelation calamity? Perhaps this comic will hold its own like Punisher did during the dreaded torture scene in Season 1.

125303_c98bc044883a258764a1708b690c222ce06b9fe1-201x300 The Punishing TruthAmazing Spider-Man #129 has returned the following short-term results from 1/1/19 thru 3/21/19:

  • Grade 9.8 $12,500 FMV with a positive return +3.1%
  • Grade 9.6 $4800 FMV with a negative return -4.2%
  • Grade 9.0 $1850 FMV with a positive return +4.4%%
  • Grade 8.0 $1300 FMV with a negative return -1.3%%

You just can’t beat the first appearance of a character. This is probably the second strongest book of the Bronze Age keys. It has had mixed results over the last three months but the range is much more reasonable at between -4.2%  to +4.4%. My suggestion is to hang onto your keys including the Punisher #1 (Limited Series).

Now, if you don’t own a copy; obviously it is the time to buy this character’s first series. Hear me out; a grade 9.8 mint condition is cheap now. It is not just a negative -4.5% drop in price. But compare it to the high price point for this book during the speculation summer of 2018. You are actually buying at a huge discount to its premium price. For instance, one Punisher #1 (Limited Series) sold for $599 on eBay in June 2018. Compared to its current cost of $375 you are saving $224 off the top end price for the book or a 37% discount. Load your rifle, scope out the comic book in your local retail store and pull the trigger (buy it). You will bag one heckuva bargain.






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