The Punisher Prevails

by Norman Robinson III

707387_28559f218455fbf5895b4e2855431743faabe396-195x300 The Punisher Prevails

The first on set video has hit the web and excitement has followed in its wake. The Punisher is back, and the video reveals he is battling Jigsaw in the Netflix series season two trailer. He has continued to blaze a path through the criminal underworld as the “Dirty Harry” of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). The Punisher first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #129 and it is  one of the primary keys for the Bronze Age. Frank Castle’s pragmatic punishment continues for all sociopaths, regardless of excuses. Go, Frank! Go! No one can dish it out like the Punisher. He has several keys that are primary for his story that any self-respecting speculator should consider.

Punisher #1 Limited Series

Mike Zeck the ultimate cover artist and all around action-oriented master of graphite created the first Punisher Limited Series #1. This book also had the help of Steven Grant (script) and John Beatty (inks) and was in stores January 10, 1986. The cover was so famous the comic stores at the time used its poster as an advertisement for the comic and the store. It was a huge fan favorite of the time, with Punisher firing two .45 caliber pistols at an unseen enemy while taking fire.

Returns for Punisher Limited Series #1 have been consistent and strong since the book came out. Lately, since the series Daredevil showcased Punisher, the price of Punisher comics have exploded upwards. Punisher #1 (1986) has returned very consistent sales and ROI over the last year. Currently, grade (9.6) is +45%, grade (9.0) is +21% and even lower grades (6.0) is +40%. The last (7.5) graded sale over two months ago was $55, there are a lot of copies in this range (GoCollect).

Punisher #4 (1987)

Microchip is a tremendous facilitator of Punisher’s vengeance on criminals. He is connected to the world as a hacker and obtainer of weapons. He is essentially Punisher’s armory and tactical hacking arm. He first appeared in Punisher #4 (1987) created by Klaus Janson (art and inks) and Mike Baron (script) and became Frank’s key henchman.

Does this book have good returns? Oh yeah, over the last year this book has returned +$169% in grade (9.6). For many years it languished in the back issue bins. In fact, you might still be able to find this puppy in some of the local comic shops for next to nothing say $9.95 or even less. The character is known but not front and center like Frank Castle. There is opportunity to pick up a copy now in the just the second inning of the Punisher speculation.

Dark Reign: The List-Punisher #1 (Frank Cho Variant)

This comic book is just for true fans and collectors. I think eventually the stink of FrankenCastle will evaporate over time. Perhaps then, the death of the Punisher will balloon as a big key that has been relatively overlooked and forgotten. The only investment possibility here is in the variant cover of Dark Reign: The List-Punisher #1 (Frank Cho Variant) it has shown upward trends since the 2009 release. The issue DR L-P #1 sold in a CGC grade of (9.8) in 2014 for $44 and three years later that same book cost $99.50 in 2017 (GoCollect). That represents a roughly 55% ROI. There is tons of upside for this variant as the current CGC census only has 27 in inventory. This puppy is wide open, not sought after, and a significant turning point for Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher, death comes a knocking.

Don’t Miss the Target

In total, all these comics are big keys, first appearance, first limited series, first Micro, and Frank Castle’s death at the hands of Daken. These are the pieces of the Punisher to own. Just remember Punisher would never miss a target are you going to miss yours?

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