The Pull List: Undiscovered Country #1

by Matt Tuck

Undiscovered-Country-1-195x300 The Pull List: Undiscovered Country #1Have you heard about Undiscovered Country #1? The Snyder/Soule/Camuncoli joint project is generating loads of hype, and it’s destined to be a sellout, but does that mean secondary market prices will suddenly go through the roof?

The first issue of this new ongoing series doesn’t release until November, and it’s already been optioned by New Republic Pictures. If you haven’t heard, Undiscovered Country was announced at San Diego Comic-Con and is the brainchild of superstar writers Scott Snyder and Charles Soule and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli. Just about anything Snyder touches turns to gold at DC, so pairing him with Soule for an Image title was bound to make waves. It’s inevitably going to sell out, at least for the first issue, and with a movie in the works, you’ll want to add it to your pull list. 

Undiscovered-Country-promo-art-300x300 The Pull List: Undiscovered Country #1Aside from the investment potential, the description sounds like an interesting story. Taking place in an alternate future (which always makes for an interesting setting), the plot revolves around the idea that what was once the United States suddenly barricaded itself off from the world. The first issue picks up 30 years after the U.S. flipped the closed sign, and no one knows what’s been happening inside the borders for three decades.

Personally, I’m willing to give anything Snyder writes a try. From American Vampire through his Batman saga all the way up to The Batman Who Laughs limited series, he has established himself alongside Geoff Johns among DC’s elite. 



God-Country-1-196x300 The Pull List: Undiscovered Country #1For all the investors out there, a word of caution: just because it’s been optioned for a movie doesn’t mean it will be a movie anytime soon…if ever. Look at God Country. Last fall, it was announced that Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw’s amazing story was optioned by Legendary Entertainment. Along with the news came word that Cates was set to write the screenplay if it ever made it that far in the developmental process. So far, it hasn’t. While prices initially soared for God Country #1, the air has gradually been let out of its balloon. 





Oblivion-Song-1-195x300 The Pull List: Undiscovered Country #1Even if Undiscovered Country gets the green light and is in production to become a feature film, it doesn’t guarantee the first issue’s value will suddenly explode. Case in point: Oblivion Song.

Considering this was a Robert Kirkman creation, we all knew it was destined for either film or television after his Walking Dead fame. It has since been picked up by Universal Studios, but the values for Oblivion Song #1 haven’t skyrocketed. Some of the reason for that is it had a wide release so there are plenty of copies available. Of course, the independent titles are often like this. Another of Kirkman’s intellectual properties, Outcast, became a Cinemax series, and the debut issue doesn’t bring outlandish prices. 

In the end, Undiscovered Country #1 will be worth your time to buy and read as both an investment and as a fan, but don’t plan on getting rich off it. With so much hype behind it, there’s going to be a lot of copies, and there’s no guarantee that the movie will see the light of day.


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