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jun111146 THE PHANTOM: THE COMPLETE SERIES begins in AugustMedia Release — As if collecting the run of the original Phantom comic strip wasn’t enough, Hermes Press takes on The Ghost Who Walks comic book adventures as well, in The Phantom: The Complete Series collections. It will take eight hardcover library volumes to reproduce all 74 issues that cover a 15 year span.

Volume One and Two will reprint the Gold Key years of the 1960s, 17 issues in all, featuring painted covers by George Wilson and interior art by Bill Lignante, with Bill Harris on the writing chores. That will be followed up with 45 Charlton issues (including art by legendary Batman artist Jim Aparo) , and 11 King issues.

The Phantom: The Complete Series-Volume One, Gold Key collects eight issues of slamming crimebusting global action from the superhero prototype himself! It’s just the start of one more reason Hermes Press is the home of the classic Phantom!

ISBN #978-1-61345-005-5

256 pages; $49.99

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