The Phantom and Captain Action unite for PHANTOM ACTION

by Jeff

NOV090879 The Phantom and Captain Action unite for PHANTOM ACTIONMedia Release — Moonstone Books and Captain Action Enterprises, LLC, have announced plans to team-up two iconic heroes, The Phantom and Captain Action, in the “Phantom Action” mini-series on sale in March 2010.

In this new adventure, the Phantom is captured and his wife Diana pleads with Captain Action to help. “It turns out the young Captain Action has had a crush on Diana since his teenage years, so that makes for an interesting dynamic”, said series writer Mike Bullock. The two-issue mini-series is pencilled by Reno and offers a variety of covers by artists Art Thibert, Mark Sparacio and Michael T. Gilbert.

This mini-series continues the long history these two heroes share. The Phantom and Captain Action originally “teamed up” over forty years ago as part of the 1960s Ideal Captain Action toy line. As the original super hero action figure, this well-loved line provided super hero costumes for the figure. Young fans could essentially transform their Captain Action figure into popular crusaders such Batman, Spider-Man and The Phantom.

The Phantom was again partnered with Captain Action in the 1990’s reprise by Playing Mantis and most recently with the Cast-A-Way 8″ Mego Sized Captain Action figures.

But this is the first time the two characters have met in fiction.

“My dad has always been a big Phantom fan. As a boy, he just loved the Witman1944 Phantom book and the weekly Sunday strip. I know I was reading too much into it, but as a child I felt there was some sort of father-son legacy when I dressed my original Captain Action as the Phantom”, said Captain Action Enterprises’ Retropreneur, Ed Catto.

“The Phantom set was one I always wished I had for my Captain Action, so it’s fitting we’re able to bring the characters back together again,” said Joe Ahearn of Captain Action Enterprises, LLC. “Recently, Cast-A-Way toys created new Mego-sized Captain Action and Phantom figures. We might soon have some additional announcements about these toys as well.”

As word of this pairing has leaked out, fans are abuzz. “This adventure has essentially been in the making by fans for over 40 years. We’re glad we could make it “real”, by publishing it, at last!” said Moonstone Publisher Joe Gentile.

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