The Other Spawn Keys

by Matt Tuck

Spawn-the-Dark-Ages-1-196x300 The Other Spawn KeysAl Simmons may be the most famous, but he is not the only Spawn in the McFarlane-verse. In recent months, their first appearances have been making gains.

The milestone Spawn #300 has rejuvenated Todd McFarlane’s long-running series, and the upcoming Spawn #309 is getting its share of attention thanks to the return of Gunslinger Spawn. I detailed those Gunslinger keys to put on your shopping list, but his keys aren’t the only ones you should be watching. Here are three other Spawns that are seeing their early appearances picking up steam.

She-Spawn-300x168 The Other Spawn KeysSHE-SPAWN

Ever since Jessica Priest became a hellspawn, collectors have been taking a second look at her first appearance. Way back in Spawn #61, Priest came onto the scene. Since then, she and Al Simmons have had their encounters, but she did not evolve past much more than a plot tool when the story needed her. 

Now that she has ascended to She-Spawn, this issue has doubled in value. Only a year ago, the 9.8 sold for $71, which is not terribly far above the cost of having it graded and slabbed. Over the past 90 days, it has a fair market value of $107. More telling is that the last sale from July netted a new record high of $145.

Speaking of, her first appearance in Spawn #300 has been climbing as well. There are too many variants to list, so I am sticking to the standard cover for this post. It carries a $65 three-month average, but it boosted to $91 on August 4 but more importantly one hit $110 on July 25.

Medieval-Spawn-264x300 The Other Spawn KeysMEDIEVAL SPAWN

It took me years, but I finally watched the entirety of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn that originally aired on HBO. The life of that show ended much too soon, and it is not talked about in nearly high enough regard. That series should rank along with Batman: the Animated Series as the best comic book cartoons of all time. 

One character we caught glimpses of but never panned out was Medieval Spawn. Sir John of York debuted alongside the much-maligned Angela in Spawn #9. Obviously, she is the main attraction for this issue, but Sir John’s return in the new comics is giving it a little help. At a 9.8, it was a $67 comic in 2018 before getting a modest bump to $82 last year. However, a recent sale saw one trade hands for $156. 


I like to think of Lord Covenant/Black Knight as Viking Spawn. These days he looks like he walked straight of Skyrim, despite the fact that his first appearance predates the game. It is no wonder that this one has inspired action figures and fan art.

That debut issue in Spawn: the Dark Ages #1 has been hitting record highs as of late. In May, it surpassed the previous mark of $35 when a 9.8 sold for $70 on May 1 then $100 on May 17.

Personally, I would like to see a new animated series that features more of Dark Ages Spawn. With his long mythical history, there could be an entire show devoted just to the previous Spawns.


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