The Not so Secret War: Secret Wars #1

by Norman Robinson III

169116_b7475ebe59fa3df7a74e9f8eb181742ec0a33248-201x300 The Not so Secret War: Secret Wars #1The not so Secret Wars #1 is on the move. The pace is extraordinary with grade 9.8 already reaching as high as $240. If this proves to be a precursor for things to come, hold onto your Secret Wars #1. The beginning of the Secret Wars storyline was interesting and how could you not like the Mike Zeck cover? It is truly stunning having all the popular superheroes of the Copper Age creating a vanguard of action. They are led by none other than Captain America. Many interesting things happen during this series, Hulk lifts a mountain range, Spidey encounters the symbiote black costume and trounces the X-Men, with new villains born and old superheroes dying. Yes, it is a contest of might vs. right and the heroes don’t always win.

Secret Wars #1

The pace and returns for this book have up-ticked over the last two months. Since August, grade 9.8 has skyrocketed +32% with grade 9.6 as its contrail with +4.7% returns. If we go out 6 months to a full month analysis, the returns show great promise. This book has been nowhere since its publication and watching it grow in value is kind of an eye-opener for someone who read this when it first came out. Now the short-term returns are between +20% and +33% with a really strong showing in 9.4 grade.


2482330-hulk_bracing_mountain-273x300 The Not so Secret War: Secret Wars #1Short-Term (6-Month)

  • Grade 9.8 $160 FMV returns positive +33.9%
  • Grade 9.6 $75 FMV returns positive +15.7%
  • Grade 9.4 $55 FMV returns positive +7.9%
  • Grade 9.2 $48 FMV returns positive +79.1%
  • Grade 9.0 $42 FMV returns positive +22.9%







169118_311286b9da404cc59ef2f7d38c3db0500538e757-201x300 The Not so Secret War: Secret Wars #1Secret Wars #3

Another book that shows recent interest is Secret Wars #3  first appearance of the new Titania, she is a villain with super strength and invulnerability. More importantly, she is She-Hulk’s antagonist. Therefore, with a new She-Hulk show on Disney+, we should see her “get it on” with She-Hulk which greatly raises the profile of her first appearance, Secret Wars #3. This book was created by Mike Zeck with Jim Shooter doing an admirable job on the script created in 1984.






  • Grade 9.8 $80 FMV returns positive +80.5%
  • Grade 9.6 $40 FMV returns positive +158.9%
  • Grade 9.4 $34 FMV returns positive +28.1%
  • Grade 9.2 $30 FMV returns negative -3.3%

These kinds of numbers hit like a punch from Titania’s spiked leather fist. Simply great returns, and best of all this book is just starting to take flight. You can pick up a 9.6 for $40. Now I remember how many of these books were pumped out back in the day. So don’t think it is going to $1000 anytime soon. I would say a realistic goal is about $250 for a grade 9.6, at that time, sell this puppy. Titania will lose value the minute she gets her butt kicked by She-Hulk’s rage during the TV series. Then Titania will be old news and no longer the speculative flavor of the month.


5b90c7871fc4f030626a1a8c37a24c4a-300x184 The Not so Secret War: Secret Wars #1Conclusion:

The Secret Wars is seen by many as the beginning of the Copper Age of comics. These books are a kind of place holder for the different brand of comics during the time period of the 80s thru the early 90s. The Zeck cover for Secret Wars #1 is truly something special as it highlights the superheroes at the time who would dominate the Copper Age. It is only a matter of time until Marvel attempts the storyline of the Secret Wars. The secret is out with an iconic cover, low entry price and key book of a new age Secret Wars #1 suggests solid speculation. Only time will tell if it is a good investment as well.


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