The Next Hot Comic: Legion of Super-Heroes #6

by Matt Tuck

Gold-Lantern-image-300x300 The Next Hot Comic: Legion of Super-Heroes #6Following the success of Punchline, DC Comics is introducing three new characters and a new Lantern corps in Legion of Super-Heroes #6. Time to add it to your pull list.

Superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis posted a teaser to his Instagram account, heralding the coming of a Gold Lantern in Legion of Super-Heroes #6. As of May 13, Bendis hasn’t released any details about the new character. However, since he’s debuting in Legion of Super-Heroes, and that team is from the 31st Century, we can assume that the Gold Lantern is a lantern from the future.

Legion-of-Superheroes-6-art-198x300 The Next Hot Comic: Legion of Super-Heroes #6We’ve known that a Gold Lantern was on the way since January, and we also know that he won’t be alone. Earlier this year, Bendis hyped the debuts of a futuristic Doctor Fate as well as Monster Boy.

Originally, the comic was scheduled for April 1. With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing comic publishers to a standstill, the date was pushed back to April 15 before being changed again to May 18. The latest news is that Legion #6 will be delivered to comic shops on June 10.

DC Comics had previously stated there would be two covers, so you’ll want to pick up both the standard and the variant just in case any of these three new faces become a breakout character.


Speaking of breakout characters, how has the market treated Punchline?

It’s no mystery that the big publishers use new characters to boost sales. Who can blame them? It works basically every time. Earlier this year, we were introduced to the Joker’s next Harley Quinn, Punchline, and sales for her debut were through the roof. Oftentimes, these hot debuts cool off dramatically.

Hell-Arisen-3-195x300 The Next Hot Comic: Legion of Super-Heroes #6Punchline was famously introduced in Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3. When it debuted, this issue was on fire. Of course, all new character debuts are hot comics when they first reach shelves. So far, DC Comics hasn’t given Punchline a major push, so the jury is still out on the long term potential of this issue. However, it has slightly lost ground, though it is still popular among collectors.

Back in March, this issue was consistently pushing the $150 mark. As with many issues, the pandemic economic shutdowns slowed the pace, but it still regularly sold in the $130-$140 range throughout March. Once we reached the end of April, values continued dipping, this time falling into the $120 range.

As of mid-May, the market has continued slowing for Hell Arisen #3, and Punchline’s first appearance is progressing toward the $100-$115 average. Overall, that’s not a major drop off at this point. The real test will be to see if the trend continues heading into the summer.


With all new characters, their first appearances skyrocket in the opening months then gradually taper off. What makes the biggest impact is how the publishers choose to incorporate them into future stories. Will the Gold Lantern, the futuristic Doctor Fate, or Monster Boy go the way of the Batman Who Laughs or Major X? Only time will tell, but it’s worth the gamble if you can grab a Legion #6 at cover price.

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