The New Collector: Amazing Spider-Man #300

by Norman Robinson III

142771_f0655e9dcb15bdeb34c33ff5c14af087dd6ea3db-196x300 The New Collector: Amazing Spider-Man #300One of the top keys of the Modern Age is Amazing Spider-Man #300. This comic has a furious turnover rate. That makes it a great first comic for newbies to comic book collecting and investment. It sells easily and is, therefore, easier to unload if you are unhappy with the results. This is the first full appearance of Venom, first inked by Todd MacFarlane, and the 25th-Anniversary issue. The Amazing Spider-Man #300 was created by David Micheline (script) and Todd MacFarlane (art).


Here are some entry-level tips for the new investor/collector about growing your collection and comic collecting skills:

  1. Collect only what you love; this way you can never be disappointed in the results.
  2. Use boards and bags to support your comics.
  3. Always open up the comic and check for missing “value stamps.”
  4. Check for water damage
  5. Check for restoration (this last one may need a black light).

Understanding the different comic book ages is important information for any comic collector to have in his or her arsenal. There are four primary ages: Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern Age of comics. Now, some are starting to use the term Copper Age, but this is not widely accepted yet. For a new collector simply focus on the four ages and specifically the one you like. In my case, I chose to start collecting Bronze Age comics about ten years ago. Back then it was dirt cheap. Now, not so much, but still reasonably priced. Many of these comics are over 40 years old.

Some added tips for collectors:

  1. To understand the comic book ages remember the price is the best indicator for age:
    1. Moderns $.60 Cents and above
    2. Bronze Age $.20 Cents
    3. Silver Age $.12 Cents
    4. Golden Age $.10 Cents or less
  2. Push your price limits and buy at the top of your price comfort zone.
  3. Look for sales and use all rewards programs
  4. Center your collection around one or two comic ages
  5. Have fun!

121024_7af99280e22f622b29d997a6ef5a4540c61bb6a7-198x300 The New Collector: Amazing Spider-Man #300Also, start learning the big artists and writers in the industry. This will allow you to balance cost with previous success and hopefully get ahead of Modern Age comics that you might want to buy as collectibles or for passion. Second, remember that limited distribution in the Modern Age is one of the ways to profit. If a book has been over-printed, tread lightly. These are some great resources for comics that everyone should use: The Overstreet Guide (48th Edition), Marvel and DC websites. Please don’t forget your local comic book retailer as they can be a huge source of information and discounts. I saved the obvious one, the best one, for last

New collectors should make sure they are part of the GoCollect family, join our service as it is only $5.99 a month. You will have a combined real-world speculation experience of over 70 years knowledge regarding comic speculation with daily blogs. Another important part of GoCollect is the daily data mining done on this website. “It is second to none.” Finally, with this website, you can track the comics you own in real time with up to date pricing. Like I said, “second to none.” is one of the few places you can get straight facts without having to sift through the detritus of life. This gives real consistency across the nation for comic book fair market values and is a must-have website for all serious collectors.



142771_f0655e9dcb15bdeb34c33ff5c14af087dd6ea3db-196x300 The New Collector: Amazing Spider-Man #300Amazing Spider-Man #300

This book is constantly moving and in its frenzy has slowly driven upward in price. Now, this is one of the Modern Age keys to own. Of course, there were so many of these printed back in the day. But with armies of new fans and comic collecting expanding the price has slowly wall-crawled upwards. The current returns are:

  •  Grade 9.8 $2050 FMV positive return of +31.2%
  •  Grade 9.6 $675 FMV positive return of +36.2%
  •  Grade 8.0 $270 FMV positive return of +22.2%
  •  Grade 6.0 $200 FMV negative return of -1.8%

Warning! There are 18,185 copies in CGC Census inventory this obviously does not include CBCS or the other less prominent slabber operations. That being said the short-term results over the last three months are:

  • Grade 9.8 $2050 FMV negative return of -2%
  •  Grade 9.6 $675 FMV positive return of +7.4%
  •  Grade 8.0 $270 FMV positive return of +3.2%
  •  Grade 6.0 $200 FMV negative return of -15.5%

Not conclusive but certainly more positive returns than negative, and slight upward price pressure short-term. Considering the Venom movie was successful, but not a big fan favorite, these are good numbers. Stick with Venom’s first appearance it is the most kinetic comic book I have come across.





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