The Mummy

by James Jou

124766_523d029cda43b13c6a389e475f64e794015df281-150x150 The MummyLast minute scrambling for a Halloween costume? Look no further, the easiest solution for the price of a roll of toilet paper is a mummy costume. Now with all the extra time on your hands, take a reading break with some of these comic books that feature the horrific mummy.



124766_523d029cda43b13c6a389e475f64e794015df281-200x300 The MummySUPERNATURAL THRILLERS #5 (1973)

The mummy of all mummies in the Marvel Comics universe is the Living Mummy, aka N’Kantu, who made his first appearance in Supernatural Thrillers #5 (1973). Set in the sands of ancient Egypt, the issue focuses on how N’Kantu tried to free his people from the bondage of the cruel Egyptian pharaoh. Unfortunately, N’Kantu is captured and condemned to the torture of being mummified alive. While this story is being retold by an archaeology professor in the present day, N’Kantu wakes up and attacks Cairo.

Over the past few years, most of the market movement for Supernatural Thrillers #5 appears to be concentrated in the sales of CGC 9.8 graded copies; with two notable sales for as high as $680 and $550 just this past summer. This is just short of doubling in value from 2017 levels; however, it’s not the first time prices have been this high. Similar $500+ sales occurred in 2009/10. Perhaps this is the start of a new positive trend?



131167_71004e975631405de0b01127cb814ad6d6db8943-198x300 The MummyAMAZING SPIDER-MAN #189 (1979)

If you have a preference for Spider-Man comics, then a mummy-themed issue you’ll also want to look at is Amazing Spider-Man #189 (1979). Despite J. Jonah Jameson’s relentless attacks of Spider-Man, he has on occasion required assistance from his favorite webslinger. Such was the situation when a bandage-wrapped mummy antagonist attacked the Daily Bugle. There is an asterisk with this mummy appearance, as the mummy turns out to be none other than J. Jonah Jameson’s own son John Jameson, as Man-Wolf, disguised as the mummy. A disguise within a disguise; disguise-ception.

Keeping in tune with the budget efficiency of a mummy costume, Amazing Spider-Man #189 can be found in the CGC 9.8 grade at a more affordable FMV, compared with the above book, of $110. The lowest of 9.8 sales this past summer went for $79. It is important to note that the future outlook for the book’s value is likely flat, as it has been selling for similar levels since 2009.



101991_2f992799b3e37af47893913d7b84eed530926305-217x300 The MummyFOUR COLOR #29 (1943)

To end on a lighter note, the early Disney/Dell Comics issue Four Color #29 offers a kid-friendly story with “Donald Duck and the Mummy’s Ring.” When Donald Duck and his nephews visit a museum exhibit featuring mummies, Huey ends up missing. To get him back, Donald Duck goes on an adventure filled with an artifact serpent ring, sailing up the Nile River, Egyptian landmarks, a jewelry thief, and mummies that come to life and eat food.

Within the Four Color anthology series, the Disney-based issues tend to command higher sales prices than issues featuring other IPs/characters such as Bugs Bunny, Felix the Cat, Dick Tracy, Popeye, etc. Sales of Four Color #29 are exceedingly rare. The latest ones of note were a CGC 6.0 and 3.0 sold in late summer for $2,280 and $450, respectively.



“The Book of the Dead? Are you sure you want to be playing around with this thing?” – Rick O’Connell

“It’s just a book. No harm ever came from… reading a book.” – Evie


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