The Most Popular Comic This Week: Black Panther #1

by Norman Robinson III

black-panther-196x300 The Most Popular Comic This Week: Black Panther #1The explosion in the “Hottest Comics” category on was palpable. This is normally a great place to watch for swings in comic sales even before any news. The comic book world has entered the zeitgeist in regard to their value as collectibles. This week one title, in particular, has hit the roof; I am talking about Black Panther #1. It has surged past Ultimate Fallout #4, Savage She-Hulk #1, and even Carnage spawn of Venom in Amazing Spider-Man #361!

The sad news about Chadwick Boseman has catapulted Black Panther #1 to the top-ranked most popular comic book for the week. Maybe “Wakanda forever!” is not just a movie slogan; can it apply to this character in perpetuity? More than likely, Black Panther will be popular for at least the next 20 years.

It wouldn’t be right to go forward without commenting on the horrid loss for the Boseman family, the Marvel community, and fans the world over from Chadwick Boseman’s passing. He left us to join his ancestors on August 28, 2020; may such a talented man rest in peace and in our prayers.

Black Panther has always been popular, but now add a bit of speculation about a future actor into the mix, and Panther books claw their way to the top. What do we do about this explosion of Black Panther comics this week? What kind of returns has Black Panther #1 devoured and why?



black-panther-2-chadwick-boseman-1330584-300x178 The Most Popular Comic This Week: Black Panther #1


The Black Panther #1 is the first ongoing series created in 1976 (Bicentennial year) with Jack Kirby on script and pencils. He had assistance from the inks of John Verpoorten and Mike Royer. The Black Panther is an iconic character, first appearance in Fantastic Four #52. Black Panther #1 is the first self-titled Black Panther on-going series. Even a grade 4.5 has sold for over $79 in the month of August.

Why has this Kirby creation (Black Panther #1) sparked so much interest as to headline as the most popular comic book recently? Comic book speculators are looking for the next Black Panther, already. I know this is simply too soon, but the hard reality is that the speculation frenzy doesn’t last long and you want to get in on the upswing.

Short-Term (1 month, max sales)

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Black Panther #1 9.8 $980 230 +16.4%
9.2 $189 492 +30.9%
8.5 $129 394 +7.1%
7.0 $129 144 +31.7%


BLACK-PANTHER-ORIGIN The Most Popular Comic This Week: Black Panther #1Conclusion

With reflection, the hunt for a new guy that will replace Boseman is on. Additionally, non-comic book folks might be buying up this book as well out of collectibility and sentiment. Black Panther #1, an old Bronze Age book has jumped to the head of the pack. But don’t expect it to stay there.

Soon someone will be chosen to put the claws on and roar like a leopard. Then this book will explode up again, at that point, best to sell. Reminder you can always pick up a copy after “Black Panther 2″ (someday, hopefully). The returns for this book over the last month are between positive +16.4% and +30%. I expect another three weeks of an uptick and then on to something else. We are currently in the first week of speculation on Black Panther #1

black-panther-196x300 The Most Popular Comic This Week: Black Panther #1This comic has rarely been popular enough to make it number one for a day, let alone a week. It is actually fortuitous that it reached the top rank of popularity. It represents a wake-up call and a buying opportunity for the speculator and collector community alike. Though it is sad to lose such a young talented actor, his work will live on. We will always enjoy the 15 movies that showcase Chadwick Boseman’s career, capping it off with “Avengers: End Game.” Now we have a new interpretation of that iconic character to look forward to; the big question is who will it be?





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