The Moon Knight Keys You Need

by Matt Tuck

moon-knight-logo-1184414-1280x0-300x169 The Moon Knight Keys You NeedWhile everyone’s attention is fixated on Moon Knight’s first appearance, the astute collector is watching these two key issues.

Everything Moon Knight has been turning to gold lately. Ever since Disney’s D23 conference in August when Marvel Studios announced a Moon Knight series was on the way, collectors have been tripping over themselves to get their hands on his key appearances.

Werewolf-by-Night-32-195x300 The Moon Knight Keys You NeedIt makes sense that most of the attention has gone to his debut in Werewolf by Night #32. Even before the rumors were confirmed, this has been an immensely collectible issue. Not only was it the first appearance of what would become a star character for Marvel, but it had a low print run for what had been a dwindling title. That added up to high prices, and that was well before D23’s news. Now that issue is breaking records, many collectors will throw up their hands in disgust at the current values. 

However, the next best options are gaining ground by the day, but they haven’t hit the stratosphere just yet. 




Werewolf-by-Night-33-194x300 The Moon Knight Keys You NeedWEREWOLF BY NIGHT #33

Ah, the second appearance. For many collectors, this is the consolation prize when the first appearance is just too expensive. In the case of Moon Knight, this is a must-have for the hardcore fans. The best part is that it’s a fraction of the price of his debut. Consider this: a 9.6 WBN #33 averages close to $600. For that same amount, the highest grade WBN #32 you’ll find is a 4.0. 

Cheaper though it may be, the second appearance of Moon Knight is still on the move. The 90-day averages for nearly every grade that’s sold online have been getting more expensive, so don’t wait around too long to buy your copy. Even the mid-grades have ascended into triple digits. Take the 6.5, for instance. Last year, it averaged $83. Up until the first of August, it sold for below $70 this year. Then on September 3, that same 6.5 brought a record-high $150. 


Moon-Knight-1-1980-201x300 The Moon Knight Keys You NeedMOON KNIGHT #1 (1980)

It’s hard to believe that Moon Knight starred in his own series before Wolverine.

This issue is coming into its own thanks to all the rumors and, of course, the D23 confirmation. Like its counterpart, Moon Knight’s first self-titled comic has been a go-to collectible for those wanting a piece of the character’s history, and the rising price tag reflects it. 

Since last month, every grade sold on eBay has gained value. The 9.8 has nearly doubled in value in the past two years. What’s more is that since September 6, only one copy has sold for below $300, and another recently sold for $350, which is a new record-high sale.


Whereas Werewolf by Night #32 will always be a holy grail even if the new streaming series doesn’t go anywhere, WBN #33 and Moon Knight #1 will wax and wane quicker. At the moment, their values are riding the wave of excitement for the new series. That makes it a seller’s market, but anything before the first trailer will be a steal, so don’t wait around. Once that day comes, you will see these two comics flourish to new heights and, of course, many new record highs.


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