The MCU Pine-Line

by Michael Vlachakis

145193_842c364f0d2616da011ea2b0bbfb98d7da555338-195x300 The MCU Pine-Line

Nowadays, having a character appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the best way to cash-in on increased comic values.  However, it sometimes feels like the hype machine surrounding a character’s appearance in the MCU can mean more to the comic’s value than an actual movie appearance.  When the speculation machine pushes a character into the lime-light and “pops” a comic’s value, we expect to see an increase in the comic’s bottom line.  For example, if you bet big on Lady Thor, the speculation machine paid off big for you this week.  But what happens when a character is all speculation but the value doesn’t trickle down to comic’s bottom line?  Let’s take a look at some of the MCU character bets that did not necessarily pan out in favor of the collector…and see how some of the MCU value bench players are fairing.

Crossbones – Brock Rumlo was a wonderful character that was featured in multiple MCU offerings.  Although the character was more of an evil tool than a powerful super-foe, Crossbones did have a cool impact on the MCU.  So I assume Crossbones’s first appearance in Captain America #360 would be a solid book to count on for long-term dividends.  Instead, this book has been hit or miss on the market and has never really gained traction above the mid $100’s price range.  You would have had better return with a Thor #339 with the first appearance of Stormbreaker…yeah, the weapon.

Ghost – As mentioned in a previous blog here, I was not completely hopeless on copies of Iron Man #219.  Then a comic that was apparently “rare” started coming out in droves at the higher grades, and that rarity dissipated.  Two big problems with Iron Man in general are: 1. Older Iron Man comics are usually undervalued on the market.  2. Modern comics, like Iron Man #219, are always susceptible to a seller finding old dealer stock and having top-graded copies join the census.  Lets hope some more Ghost in the MCU can tease that FMV up a bit higher and phase-in some value.

Star-Lord – Being the main character in a highly popular movie trilogy should make you fairly popular with collectors.  So why the heck are copies of Marvel Spotlight v.2 #6 so far behind comics with similar attributes?  Some will say that it is not Peter Quill’s true first appearance, and to those some, I say “who cares” that he was in a preview magazine…nobody collects those, people collect Comic Books.  This book was being offered below market for years and sellers are now getting the price where it should be, as prices have nearly doubled in the past few months to nearly $500 for a 9.8 graded copy.  This book has to be a great addition for any speculator.

Ronin – If you were lucky enough to own a copy of New Avengers #11 right before the first End Game trailer, I hope you cashed in immediately.  If you owned a copy any time shortly after the trailer, you probably missed the boat.  I have never seen a comic boom and bust which such a fury as New Avengers #11 did.   This comic is a shining example of the hype machine gone awry and part of the reason I recommend staying cautious with modern comics.  The minute this comic popped, the CGC census was flooded with 9.8 copies and the value was *snapped* out of this book with no blip in sight.

Who would make up your team of MCU benchwarmers?  Do you feel that a character can make a secondary charge in future phases?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!

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