The March of Totally Awesome Hulk #22

by Norman Robinson III

711661_totally-awesome-hulk-22-195x300 The March of Totally Awesome Hulk #22

Back in January, we took a look at a promising new key that hit the shelves last summer, Totally Awesome Hulk #22. Now it is time for a quick review of TAH #22’s status as an investment. What has the big green giant been up to? This month the Hulk has battled the Silver, the Bronze, and even the Golden Age into submission as one of the top twenty most popular comic books (GoCollect).

The issue Totally Awesome Hulk #22 was created by Greg Pak and Robert Gill. I reviewed it over two months ago and it had lots of investment potential at the time. This book is the first appearance of Weapon H. This is Hulk with Wolverine’s claws; hence Weapon H (Hulk). This issue continues the story of Weapons of Mutant Destruction part six, and it happens to be a fun read.

This comic has picked up speed with 42 sales in March alone ( eBay). The near mint to mint (9.8) has returned 21.6% over the last seven months. The return on (9.6) has been 28.2%; with a total overall sales of 280 slabbed books to date. Finally, this essential book has shown significant strength with its lower grades also increasing in price; currently, very fine plus (8.5) going for $39 and (9.0) for $55 (GoCollect).

Try to purchase this today, and the price for a raw copy is over $50. One CGC slab with (9.8) grade has reached $128 with seven bids and three days left before the end of the auction (eBay). That auction will burst a $200 sale like the Hulk’s rage ripping through his shorts. ¬†With these kinds of monstrous returns who can argue with our pick of Totally Awesome Hulk #22? This is the right key to be in at the right time.

Comic Convention Tips

Big Picture

If you live near any big city or metro; inevitably there will be a big comic convention. Lately, Comic-Con has been spreading its wings and creating mini-cons from the more significant San Diego Comic-Con. There is a great deal to see. Here are a few tips for your convention experience. First off, you will never know how pervasive comics are in our culture until you see how many people go to cons. These are auditorium sized crowds. Many professionals are involved in comics as a lifestyle and even a career. That important realization can lead you to greater confidence buying books. You will see your comics as a long-term investment vehicle and not as a risky scheme to get ahead.

Bulk Comic $1 Bins

While you enjoy the convention, keep an eye out for sales boxes, or $1 specials. Check out any bargain comic boxes, and search for your favorite comics to either read or invest. I once purchased at the Santa Rosa Con an Amazing Spider-Man #301, minor key but in perfect shape. I sent it into CGC it came back with white pages and a (9.4) rating. That book cost me less than $1.

Meeting Comic Legends

This is probably the best thing about cons, meeting the creators. Many of them sign autographs on your comic for free. This can uptick an unremarkable comic to a slightly higher profit margin. After all, someone online that does not have the opportunity to meet the artists will appreciate it. They want to own an autograph and will pay more for that autographed comic.

CGC Savings

CGC usually has a stand on the more extensive cons. One thing probably little known is that you can hand your comics to them directly. No shipping costs on your end to CGC. This is a $50 to $75 savings alone. Also, if any artists are signing you could get CGC to confirm the signature, though that still costs, the opportunity is priceless.

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