The many prints of Spider-Gwen!

by Mike W

first-197x300 The many prints of Spider-Gwen!Spider-Gwen has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years due to speculation and media exposure. Spider-Gwen is known as Gwen Stacey in an alternative universe. Recently, in 2018, the character appeared in the animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, where her popularity and value grew tremendously. The likelihood of her character appearing in the animated sequel is almost guaranteed. Miles Morales, another character who appeared in the animated film, has seen his value and popularity rise tremendously due to the speculation rumors from Sony and Marvel. Many comic speculators believe Gwen has the same potential as Miles. Thus, her first appearance is the key book to grab before it explodes! Spider-Gwen made her first appearance in Edge of Spider-Verse #2. A very high-grade copy of the first print issue is very pricey, but late printings are available and cheaper with alternate color covers.

Prints of Gwen Stacy

First, let’s confirm all the prints of this issue for this crucial character. The issue comes with a first, second, third, fourth, and fifth printing. According to Key Collector Comics, there is also an error copy that is depicted with a black background but may look more like a deep shade of maroon.  Additionally, there is also a very expensive “Greg Land” variant available, and a very different looking regular color and black and white Comic Bug cover variant as well.

blue-2-195x300 The many prints of Spider-Gwen!For the numerical printings of this issue, each of them is distinguishable from the color cover. The second printing comes with a blue background and it is spread around the Marvel logo and barcode on the bottom of the comic. A raw high-grade copy of the second print is valued at around $120 to $150.








greeaaaa-195x300 The many prints of Spider-Gwen!A third printing issue displays a different color. It does not follow the same setup as the second printing and it is outlined with green. The prices for this issue are much lower than the second print. The price range for a raw copy can be obtained for around $50-$75, depending on the condition.







purple-197x300 The many prints of Spider-Gwen!The fourth printing resembles the second printing, with the difference being in the color of the issue. It displays a purple color in the background behind the barcode and Marvel logo. The price range of this issue is similar to the third printing but has shown to be cheaper in some recent sales.








orange-195x300 The many prints of Spider-Gwen!Wow! An issue hitting the fifth print is rare nowadays. The fifth print issue resembles the same design as the second and fourth prints, and it differs in color once again. This issue has the color orange capturing in the background of the Marvel logo and barcode. The price for this issue is the lowest and it can be obtained in a raw condition under $50.






land-198x300 The many prints of Spider-Gwen!The “Land” variant has a totally different design from the numeral prints and its price range for a raw or graded copy is very high. A raw copy last sold for $600, while graded copies can cost in the thousands.








bug-198x300 The many prints of Spider-Gwen!The Comic Bug variants come with a color and a “black and white” version. These variants come with a different design and it shows the character swinging from a building. The price range for these issues would be between the numerical printings and the “Land” variant. Meaning, the issues are more expensive than the numerical prints but less than the “Land” variant.








brbrb-198x300 The many prints of Spider-Gwen!


What prints of Gwen Stacy do you have in your collection? Let me know in the comments.









FOOTER_Comic-scaled The many prints of Spider-Gwen!

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Rocky September 27, 2020 - 9:53 am

This is one of those books where you made a bad decision. I have at least two copies of the original 1st print, but really loved the Land variant. But when i tried to buy one, i just couldn’t at the time justify spending 75 dollars.
What a doofus!

Snizzlepop October 2, 2020 - 8:55 pm

I currently have 1st thru 5th prints. Started targeting the prints after the 1st right after Into the Spiderverse the movie came out. Had a feeling the focus on Spider-Gwen was about to start.


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