The Magnificient Seven Bronze Age Comics for June

by Norman Robinson III

126054_5fb2044b1fb9495fac66f7c0122bd2c8c9afdf27-201x300 The Magnificient Seven Bronze Age Comics for JuneExploring the top comic books for speculation is interesting and fun. The Bronze Age even more so, it ran from the 1970’s all the way to mid-1980’s. This was a time of great change for the world at large, as well as the world of comics. Marvel had an edge on the writing and creative ideas of the time period, dominating the scene. In fact, they were so prolific that every one of these Magnificent Seven Bronze comics is from Marvel. The seven top comics span the galaxy from Amazing Spider-Man, all the way to Wolverine. Each and every issue represents a huge Marvel fanbase. The draw of the Bronze Age of comics is simply irresistible. Fans have been demanding these 70’s and 80’s superheroes at the box office. It spans multiple generations of readers and a variety of characters. Which one of these Bronze Age heroes will be at the top of the countdown and is that top book profitable?

Ranked 7th: Star Wars #1

“May the Force be with you,” this line was everywhere in the late 1970’s after Star Wars premiered.  It was on t-shirts, cereal boxes, discussed on the Tonight Show, and of course in comic books. Star Wars came out in 1977,  it’s comic adaptation was published by Marvel as Star Wars #1. Created by the team of Howard Chaykin and Roy Thomas, and it was the first official adaptation to the movie. It was ranked 7th most popular comic book in June for the Bronze Age. I don’t even remember the comic during its heyday. It was just another screen adaptation at the time.

Currently, pricing on Star Wars #1 in mint (9.8) is $1100 FMV, and you can still pick up a copy for $75 in a (6.5). The returns have been volatile, to say the least; this is probably due to the high number of movies from the Star Wars universe since 2015. I can think of four movies in the last three years of the Star Wars Universe. That is a lot of movies to digest in a short amount of time. My suggestion: stay in the near mint (9.0) +13% return or mint (9.8)+4.2% return on investment (GoCollect). This is a good long-term investment.

Ranked 6th: Incredible Hulk #181

This book is considered by most to be the primary key of the Bronze Age and is ranked 6th most popular last month. The first appearance of the guy who “slices and dices” is no small thing. This character more than any other reflected the desire for anti-heroes so prevalent in the 70’s and 80’s. The Incredible Hulk #181 is the first appearance of Wolverine created by the team of Herb Trimpe (Master of Hulk) and Len (The Swamp Thing)Wein.

If you have enough money for a downpayment on a house; this is the Bronze Age comic for you. It recently sold for $21,500 in (9.8) grade, on 5/10/18 at Heritage Auctions. The returns from this are nothing short of ferocious like the Wolverine creature this hero represents. Incredible Hulk #181 has returned in near mint (9.2) +15.8% ROI and the lower grades are even higher. For instance,  a (5.0) grade of this comic created a+30% return for its owner. This book is tried and true. It will probably pop when they replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Buy and hold this comic book; until the guy that is “the best he is at what he does…” returns.

Ranked 5th: Wolverine #1

Wolverine is highlighted on the feature image for this article primarily because he has some cool covers. But more importantly, because his two books are in the Bronze Age top seven for June. Wolverine #1 was created by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont. It is Wolverines first solo book and they were ubiquitous at the time, dime a dozen. The great thing about this book is the price range is still affordable and it is a good long-term hold.

You can pick up a mint copy (9.8) for just $300, however, don’t buy below a (7.5) as there are just too many floating around. The returns on this book really make it a must own long-term investment: grade (9.8) returned +42%, grade (8.5)  returned+31.1%, and (7.5) the big boy of the bunch had a whopping return of +49%. Get ready to slice and dice your bank account for a copy of this must-own book.

Ranked 4th: Amazing Spider-Man #252

This book is my least favorite of the Magnificent Seven, ASM #252 was created by Roger Stern, Tom DeFalco (script) and Ron Frenz (pencils). It is essentially just Spider-Man’s suit and it’s first regular series appearance. Think of it as the first Venom in his own book sorta kinda. Anyways, not my best pick of the bunch but something to consider. I would stay in the (9.2) range for this comic if you must own it.

Ranked 3rd: Amazing Spider-Man #129

This book is my favorite of the bunch, as you probably guessed from reading my past posts. The returns have been stellar over the years, with higher grades returning higher ROI. Amazing Spider-Man #129 was created by Gerry Conway (script) and Gil Kane, Ross Andru (pencils). Current returns on mint condition (9.8) are a shocking +50.4% ROI! Additionally, the upside with a lower grade of (9.2) still provides a +21.4% ROI. This book is getting up there in price but wonderfully is still within reach of most of the investing public.

Furthermore, I have never seen this book cool down, it has been hot as heck since the MCU got started with Iron Man #1. Additionally, with an ongoing series (The Punisher Season 2), it is a top pick. Set your sights on finding an available copy, they never last in the stores for more than a few days. If your local shop has a copy of ASM #129 count yourself lucky! Take sight, aim, and pull the trigger on this Bronze Age key, you will be pleasantly surprised in 6 months time. This is a long-term buy and hold.

Ranked 2nd Place: Ms. Marvel #1

This book is the first appearance of Ms. Marvel and she is coming to a theater near you in 2019 as Captain Marvel. Apparently, this character is going to be the most powerful superhero in the MCU. I hope Marvel is not trying to match DC power levels; Marvel magic is having superheroes that are not invincible, humans with powers as opposed to powerful humans. If you haven’t already seen it, go online and check out the Nick Fury short at the end of Avengers: Infinity War.

Ms. Marvel is the second most popular comic in the Bronze Age in the month of June. This comic book, Ms. Marvel #1 was created by Gerry Conway, Carla Conway (script) and John Romita, John Buscema (pencils). With these heavy hitters, it is no wonder forty years later this book is a good collectible piece. Returns on Ms. Marvel have been volatile, try to stay around the (8.5) grade and it should return 10%.

The Top Comic in June: Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8

This book is currently the reigning king of the Bronze Age during the month of June. The Secret Wars #8 was created by Jim Shooter (script) and Michael Zeck (art). This is the very first look at the Spider-Man symbiote black costume in the Marvel Universe. The good news is that anyone can own a copy; that also happens to be the bad news almost everyone does. Currently, if you are one of the few that does not own a copy you can purchase a mint (9.8) for around $250 FMV price range (GoCollect). This book has solid returns try to stay in the upper range, say (9.4) to (9.8) with a (9.6) returning +25.9%. By staying in the higher grades you will have less competition in case you need to quickly resell.

This is unequivocally the first appearance of a Venom-like character, everyone wants a piece, and it is still very reasonably priced. Be warned: these books were everywhere at the time, and there are many copies outstanding even today. That being said, this is the top comic of the Bronze Age for June 2018 (GoCollect). Considering the universal popularity of Venom, we can expect more price increases and interest in this comic right up until opening night in October 2018 when Venom hits the big screen. The public has a hunger for Venom.







top comic is cheapest.

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