The M1-Abrams of Marvel Comic Books: Amazing Fantasy #15

by Norman Robinson III

116010_f2b171a6d0040e27c259b75d8bcf0a57d374a3aa-199x300 The M1-Abrams of Marvel Comic Books: Amazing Fantasy #15Spider-Man has collectability like no other Marvel comic save perhaps the Fantastic Four. Every student in elementary school I have ever talked to knows who Spider-Man is (I was a teacher at one time). Doctor Strange not so much, Iron Man (if they saw the movie) and Conan the Barbarian not at all. This is just anecdotal evidence for Spidey supremacy, the numbers are even stronger when you break downtrend returns and popularity. Nowhere is this more true than with the first appearance of Marvel’s main man Peter Parker a.k.a. Amazing Spider-Man. Spidey first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 created by Stan Lee (script) and Jack Kirby (pencils) in 1962. How has the King of the Silver Age held up over the last 58 years? Short-term, long-term, let’s do a deep dive and see exactly how much potential Amazing Fantasy #15  has as an investment? Let there be no doubt this is a serious investment…




4bgdoKeC_0803181105251gpadd-215x300 The M1-Abrams of Marvel Comic Books: Amazing Fantasy #15Amazing Fantasy #15

Spider-Man has been the headliner for Marvel since almost the beginning. He may not have started the Silver Age for Marvel, but he has certainly presided over it. His adventures were topical, he was a teenager, as a young adult in the 60s you could relate to Spider-Man. He had the problems of most teenagers at the time. Stan Lee’s collaboration with John Romita Sr. on Amazing Spider-Man eventually went on to eclipse the popularity of the Fantastic Four. Basically, Stan created a relatable superhero and it stuck. No other character in Marvel is as popular, or beloved as Spider-Man. 











Short-Term (1/2020 to 5/2020)

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Amazing Fantasy #15 5.0 $26,100 3325 Total +4.7%
  4.5 $66,000   +132.4%
  3.0 $18450   +14%
  2.0 $10,800   -10.8%

Long-Term (20-Years)

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Amazing Fantasy #15 9.4 $795,000 3325 Total +326%
  5.0 $26,100   +63%
  3.0 $18,450   +51.5%
  2.0 $10,800   +25%

1920px-Mounted_Soldier_System_MSS-300x168 The M1-Abrams of Marvel Comic Books: Amazing Fantasy #15Key books like Amazing Fantasy #15 are the 50-ton tank of keys in the ongoing war of profit attrition. All other Bronze and many Silver Age keys are simple footsoldiers in this combat for cash. But the first appearance of Spider-Man is an A1-Abrams of powerful return trends; it has superior investment firepower, and long-term defensive staying power. The best thing about this book is there are only 3,325 in the CGC Census inventory. In the short-term, grade 4.5 sold just this month for $66,000 in May. The return was as powerful as a haymaker from the Hulk at positive +132.4%! This is a one-time anomaly for the short-term average trend returns are around positive +14%, a solid return in the short-term. Bow out all you Bronze Age keys, the Incredible Hulk #181 has nothing on Amazing Fantasy #15.


The long-term trend return is true “Shock and Awe” for a comic book investment. The top price paid for this book per GoCollect was $795,000 on 3/8/20! Yikes! That is not all, what is the return on that bad boy? Amazing Fantasy #15 trend returned positive +326% which is a plus $240,000 increase for grade 9.4! Truly this book is a “weapon of mass destruction” upon the competition. It is also an inspiring bit of comic book investment trivia for your buddies at the LCS. That is enough money to make anyone’s Spidey-Sense tingle. To give us a little perspective even grade 0.5 goes for around $8,000. Here is a catchy little bit of trivia for your next comic book Pow-Wow (6ft distance please); per CGC Census there are only 13 in grade 9.4 and even fewer at grade 9.6 at 7 total in the world. In a word, this comic book is: rare.

116010_f2b171a6d0040e27c259b75d8bcf0a57d374a3aa-199x300 The M1-Abrams of Marvel Comic Books: Amazing Fantasy #15Conclusion

The comic book Amazing Fantasy #15 is an investment like no other. Just owning a copy is huge bragging rights in my book. But let there be no doubt, whether it is short-term gains during this crisis or long-term gains over the last 20 years; this comic, the first appearance of Spider-Man is a supremely good investment.










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John B May 13, 2020 - 7:11 am

Well the 20 yr return on a 5.0 is barely above inflation and this minion ain’t gonna put that many simoleans into one CGC case for that return….but one day maybe I’ll get lucky and work a trade…

Norman Robinson III May 14, 2020 - 1:49 am

Interesting. Good luck finding that trade, thanks for reading. Nam

Brett The Comic Guy May 13, 2020 - 8:59 am

This was my first true investment. I had to save the money from my second job to get one. Mine is in about a 3 but better to have one than not at all.

Norman Robinson III May 14, 2020 - 1:47 am

Brett, that is awesome. That is what it takes to invest nowadays. A person must have determination, the ability to save, and most important the ability to work hard in order to save. Congratulations! I think this is a solid investment that will continue to increase in value with time. Be sure to keep an eye on your book condition, especially the paper. You have taken a huge step in the comic book investment world.

Stephan M May 14, 2020 - 7:37 pm

Dude… please don’t say things like “created by Stan Lee (script) and Jack Kirby (pencils)” when talking about Spider-Man 😉
The cover art on AF15 was Kirby and Ditko (the King may have done layouts on the cover) — but the art inside is all Ditko (pencil and inks) .
Old Spidey was most definitely “created by Stan Lee (script) and Steve Ditko (pencils)”.
Kirby claimed he had earlier done character design for something called The Spider (or so). But that’s been pretty much debunked. Looked nothing like Spider-Man, which was Ditko through and through.

Norman Robinson III May 15, 2020 - 4:15 pm

Thanks for the correction, I will do some additional research and doublecheck my facts. Regardless, you obviously love the work and that I greatly respect. Thank you. Nam


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