The Keys You Need: The Suicide Squad

by Matt Tuck

072721D-300x157 The Keys You Need: The Suicide SquadThe highly anticipated return of The Suicide Squad to the big screen is only a week away, which will have values for the team’s key issues at their peaks starting with these three.

Fans are ready for James Gunn to work his magic on the Suicide Squad, and collectors can expect that excitement to trickle down to the key issues. For five years, prices were at a low following the abysmal reception of David Ayers’ Suicide Squad. Now that Gunn’s vision for the team is coming to the big screen, those fair market values are getting a boost they haven’t experienced since 2016.

That being said, here are three Suicide Squad team keys that eagle-eyed collectors will want to keep on their watch lists.

Brave-and-the-Bold-25-202x300 The Keys You Need: The Suicide SquadBRAVE AND THE BOLD #25

Like so many DC Comics’ keys, the Suicide Squad’s first team appearance came in the 1950s. Debuting in 1959’s Brave and the Bold #25, the only recognizable face would be Rick Flag, whom fans met in the first Suicide Squad film. The team’s original incarnation did not feature any superheroes or supervillains, per se, and they were part of the military. The stories were heavy on sci-fi action, as they dealt with the likes of monsters, meteor storms, and even dinosaurs. 

After the 2016 film crashed and burned at the box office, prices for BATB #25 fell along with it. Now that the hype has taken full grasp, values are climbing with the most recent copy sold being a 4.0. Five years ago, it set a record high of $2,100. Once the movie hit theaters, prices plummeted. Just last year, that same 4.0 was averaging $619. It is now showing signs of life, and a July 22 sale netted $1,197, its highest price since 2016.

Legends-3-193x300 The Keys You Need: The Suicide SquadLEGENDS #3

Wouldn’t you know that the combination of X-Men alum Len Wein and John Byrne would give an edgy take on the Silver Age Suicide Squad? In 1987’s Legends #3, Wein and Byrne reimagined the team as a patchwork group of B-list supervillains. They proceeded to live up to their name, taking on missions that meant almost-certain death. It would lay the foundation for years to come and lead directly into the DCEU’s animated and live-action universes.

Since this is not the Squad’s first appearance, the prices are much more affordable than those of BATB #25. Even for a 9.8, Legends #3 has averaged $102 in the past 90 days. In fact, the last copy to trade hands online went for $86. If the movie proves to be a massive hit, this issue will surely get a rub from the fanfare.

Suicide-Squad-1-195x300 The Keys You Need: The Suicide SquadSUICIDE SQUAD #1

How can we have a post about the Suicide Squad without mentioning this issue? After the new version of the group caught fans’ eyes in Legends #3, they would star in their own series that same year. Along with being their first self-titled comic, what should also have the attention of collectors is the story arc. James Gunn reportedly used “Trial by Fire” as the inspiration for the upcoming movie, and that will have market implications.

In terms of fair market value, Suicide Squad #1 is running rings around Legends #3. A 9.8 SS #1 recently sold for $400. Earlier this year, another copy brought a record-high $450. 


Whether or not the key issues hold these values all depends on the movie’s reception. At this point, the FMVs are based on hype alone. Considering Gunn’s track record with tongue-in-cheek superhero films, the future is looking bright for all things Suicide Squad.

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Eric L Leveton July 28, 2021 - 12:32 pm

Suicide squad made like 3/4 of a billion dollars. While it is mostly not good, that’s hardly crashing and burning

FFB July 28, 2021 - 12:33 pm

Brave and the Bold #25 is arguably the toughest silver age superhero book to find in high grade. This has been common knowledge among high grade silver age collectors for decades, long before the first Suicide Squad movie was even contemplated.

I personally went on an exhaustive search among all of the major and not-so-major comic dealers in the US and UK and also among my network of fellow collectors, just trying to find a VF or better copy, with cost being no object. The best I ever found was an 8.5 with cream to off-white pages, which at the time, when I submitted it, it was the highest graded copy in the CGC census.

Since that time (16 years ago), there have appeared two NM- 9.2 copies and three more 8.5s in the census. There likely aren’t many more out there in high grade. Truly a tough book in high grade, possibly the toughest, or perhaps 1a and 1b with Action Comics 242 (another beast).

Nathan July 28, 2021 - 12:42 pm

Suicide Squad 1 is my pick out of these. Its still very affordable, it partly inspired the new films direction and it has the 1st appearance of a character that will be in the movie and the Peacemaker series.


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