The Keys You Need: Hawkeye Episodes 1 & 2

by Matt Tuck

112421B-1024x536 The Keys You Need: Hawkeye Episodes 1 & 2Hawkeye has landed on Disney+, and Marvel’s latest action-comedy is stirring the pot known as the secondary market. WARNING: MILD SPOILERS

The first two episodes have hit the streaming service, and it’s already giving collectors incentive to fire up those eBay accounts (or whichever auction site best suits your fancy). The name of the game is first appearances, and the show promises to introduce new characters with each episode, thus keeping Marvel’s Disney+ tradition of live-action debuts alive and well.

To kick things off, here are three of the top contenders for your investment dollars.

hawkeye_1_kate_bishop_now-195x300 The Keys You Need: Hawkeye Episodes 1 & 2

HAWKEYE #1 (2017)

This has been one of the hotter Kate Bishop keys for months. With her poised to take up the bow and quiver as the MCU’s official Hawkeye, collectors have taken aim at her first starring role in a comic series. The cover art alone is enough to entice buyers, and it doesn’t hurt that this issue also featured the debut of Ramone Watts. If we ever see a West Coast Avengers in the flesh, she could become part of that team.

The 9.8s had been earning close to $200 on November 19, though the last sale slipped to $163 on the 21st. 

New-Avengers-11-192x300 The Keys You Need: Hawkeye Episodes 1 & 2NEW AVENGERS #11

Despite this being Kate Bishop’s MCU premiere, it has been Echo who has ruled the rumor mill. Of course, much of that is built on the theory that the Netflix Daredevil cast will be reunited for a makeshift fourth season when her show debuts, but nothing has been confirmed on that front. Although she wasn’t outright named, the end of Episode Two revealed Maya Lopez, who apparently is working with the Tracksuit Mafia.

Since the Ronin suit is an integral plot point so far in the show, it stands to reason that Maya will claim the costume as her own and follow her comic roots. If you recall, she sported the Ronin moniker beginning in New Avengers #11, and that could be where things are headed. That will make for bustling market for this issue.

After seeing Kate suit up in Clint’s costume, it will have buyers prowling for New Avengers #11, and the Maya cameo will up the ante. There hasn’t been a graded 9.8 sold online since one brought $180 on November 12. If you are looking for a raw copy, those generally sell anywhere from $15-$40.

Hawkeye-1-2012-196x300 The Keys You Need: Hawkeye Episodes 1 & 2HAWKEYE #1 (2012)

Lucky the Pizza Dog and the Tracksuit Mafia will be the breakout characters of Hawkeye. Marvel audiences love their action-comedy, and who doesn’t adore a charismatic dog? 

Then there is the prototypical goon squad, the Tracksuit Mafia. For those uninitiated, they are the stereotypical Russian mobsters in virtually every way. Their collective favorite word in the English language is “bro.” They’re the hired muscle and the comic relief, bro. It doesn’t hurt that the show is taking plenty of cues from Matt Fraction’s scripts.

Since mid-September, the standard cover graded at a 9.8 has been selling for $300+, but the most recent sale from yesterday took a slight dip to $275. 


As with practically every Marvel entry, beit a show or a movie, collectors are on the lookout for first appearances. Hawkeye is reported to have several planned, and it will keep buyers on their toes each week as new episodes premiere. 

000080221A_Games_2-Footer The Keys You Need: Hawkeye Episodes 1 & 2

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Jay Pele November 27, 2021 - 8:23 am

I wouldn’t bother, that was the worst MCU content I’ve seen yet, the writing was embarrassingly bad.


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