The Iron Fist: A Negative Catalyst

by Norman Robinson III

161709_7b007a1d3817060cee324fd4ea34ce42d988f834-199x300 The Iron Fist: A Negative CatalystMarvel has been on a roll lately with great Netflix series and top hit movies. That is why it is such a shame that Iron Fist has been left out of the success of the other shows like Daredevil and Luke Cage. It simply doesn’t fly in today’s age of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and UFC fighting prowess. The Kung Fu shown in Iron Fist is very weak and over-choreographed. The lead actor is not believable as a superhero he looks like the paper-boy. The lack of popularity of the series has definitely taken down the value of Iron Fist key issues. In the comics, Iron Fist has beaten ferocious Sabertooth in hand to hand combat, fought beside his buddy Power Man against a host of foes, and he has even knocked out Skaar the son of the Hulk! Put simply, Danny Rand in the comics rocks! He looks like Captain America and moves like Bruce Lee. Unfortunately, all the comic coolness in the world can’t save price decreases from bad TV. How much value damage has the Iron Fist debacle done?

Marvel Premiere #15

Now don’t get me wrong I love Iron Fist the comic book. The character, the action, even the suit rocks on those paper pages. But unfortunately, the comic book has suffered a drastic decline with Marvel Premiere #15 dropping in 5 of the top six grades. From mint condition (9.8) declining -9.6%, to the very fine plus (8.5) declining -8% it is very difficult to see where the bottom is for this book. Furthermore, if you look at grade (3.5) it is showing a massive drop off with negative -28%. Has the Iron Fist lost his punch? I believe so.

Iron Fist #1

This first self-titled series issue has been over-inflated in value the past couple of years. Recently going back 21 months you see a sharp decline in returns across the graded spectrum. The near mint plus of (9.6) has returned a negative -6.9%, (8.5) has returned a negative -18.6%, and fine plus (6.5) has returned a negative -16.7% ROI on average over the last two years. These declines I believe are directly tied to the Netflix series; most essentially these TV results have created a negative catalyst for the Iron Fist comics. Think of it like waves on an ocean of speculation. The talk of a series comes out; the wave of speculation crests. The series actually debuts, critics hate it and many fans hold their collective noses; hence prices drop as the wave of speculation comes crashing down.

Prior to the Netflix, everyone got excited about the Iron Fist in his own series (even I, was giddy with hope); the net result was elevated prices across the board for Iron Fist #1 and Marvel Premiere #15. Comparing these two comics Marvel Premiere #15 is the stronger horse. It has a little more staying power as the primary key for this character. If you are going to own anything Iron Fist related this is the book to own. That being said, you would be better off in the short-term (2-4 years) not buying into Iron Fist. Let the issues continue to collapse. Then eventually, they will remake the Iron Fist saga with a more appropriate lead and better fight scenes. That will be the time to own or begin to buy.

Going forward, the prices are downhill for these books. In addition, to the catalyst of crumbling series storyline, they are also going to be hit with other more popular characters taking to the big screen like Venom (Oct 2018), and Captain Marvel (2019). This double whammy will knock the stuffing right out of these comics. Sell while you can still profit or it will feel like you got hit with an Iron Fist punch right in your wallet.



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