The Investment Potential of the Red Death

by Matt Tuck

Batman-Red-Death-1-196x300 The Investment Potential of the Red DeathCould the Red Death make his live-action debut in 2022’s The Flash? Time to stock up on Batman: The Red Death #1.

With all the attention on alternate versions of Batman, it is easy to forget that the star of 2022’s Flash movie is, well, the Flash. The Scarlet Speedster will be exploring the reaches of the Multiverse. So, it is highly likely we will see alternate Flashes. For that matter, the Justice League Flash has crossed paths with the CW’s Flash played by Grant Gustin, effectively tying to the universes together.

What I suspect is that we will be introduced to an evil version of the Flash who is connected to both the Justice League universe and the Arrowverse, and I am not talking about Eobard Thawne. No, I see the clues pointing to Dark Nights: Metal’s the Red Death.

Red-Death-v-Flash-art-194x300 The Investment Potential of the Red DeathRED DEATH IS COMING

The thing is, Red Death is already in the DCEU. Although it was only a mention, he was name-dropped in The Flash season five episode, “Memorabilia.” Via the CW’s Arrowverse, Red Death, and the Justice League Flash are connected. Could it be that this has all been an elaborate set up to bring the two together on a grand stage? If so, this would be the single most amazing use of Easter eggs in the history of comic book movies.

But isn’t the upcoming Flash movie based on Flashpoint? Wouldn’t that mean Reverse-Flash would be the main antagonist?

I have no doubt that Thawne will be part of Flashpoint in some capacity. But remember that DC has said the film will be loosely based on the comics. That leaves events open to interpretation. Plus, they’ll want to put something fresh and new on the screen.

Reverse-Flash and Zoom have been integral parts of the CW’s Flash series. While those two could eventually have theatrical versions of themselves, I find that unlikely. Instead, it would be more exciting to introduce an entirely new villain to the mix, one that fans won’t immediately associate with the CW.

Red-Death-art-200x300 The Investment Potential of the Red DeathTHE DARK MULTIVERSE

Thanks to Michael Keaton returning as Bruce Wayne/Batman from the iconic 1989 Tim Burton film, the topic du jour is DCEU’s alternate realities. It’s left the door open for theories on Batman Beyond and Thomas Wayne’s Batman from the Flashpoint comics.

Those two are distinct possibilities that can’t be ignored. As I questioned in “The DCEU is Ready for Dark Nights: Metal,” could the DCEU have something bigger planned? Could Ezra Miller’s Flash create a link between Earth-One and the Dark Multiverse? That sounds like a major likelihood.

Personally, I would love for the Batman Who Laughs to get his due in live-action. However, since this is a Flash movie, it would make more sense for Flash to see an alternate version of himself race out of the Dark Multiverse. Since Batman is going to play a role in the upcoming movie, it is logical that he will help Flash overcome a dark concoction of himself and the Scarlet Speedster. If we do see the Red Death, that would point to a Batman Who Laughs existing in the DCEU, so one could establish the other.

Red Death Key Issue

Batman-Red-Death-1-second-print-196x300 The Investment Potential of the Red DeathBATMAN: THE RED DEATH #1

Ever since the Red Death was mentioned last year, prices for his first full appearance have been on the rise. They’ve particularly jumped in the past 90 days.

The standard cover, graded at a 9.8, averaged $78 in 2019. Over the past three months, it has increased to a $96 fair market value. The most recent sale from June 2 saw it match last year’s high sale of $120.

There’s also the convention edition, and prices have been scattered since last year. In 2019, there were only three recorded sales for 9.8s, ranging from as little as $15 to as much as $125. So far in 2020, just one has traded hands, and that was for $100 on April 27.

The edition to watch the closest is the second print. We haven’t seen any graded sales for the past year, but the last time one was sold online, it went for $75 in March 2019.


With all the Flash crossovers and references between the television series and the movies, the Red Death Easter egg will eventually come to fruition. If he debuts on the CW, it won’t cause near the commotion as it would if he raced onto movie screens. Personally, I lean toward him being on the big screen at some point. He just might bring the Batman Who Laughs with him.


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