The Infamous Star Wars Error Card: #207 C-3PO

by Norman Robinson III

SW-Card-1-300x157 The Infamous Star Wars Error Card: #207 C-3POThis is one of those rare cases when a collectible is obviously very happy to see you. What? An inanimate object happy to see a collector, what the heck are you talking about? Obviously, I am referring to the infamous Star Wars “Error Card.” Why is it infamous? Quite simply C-3PO seems to be very animated in his nether region. He is sporting a golden “ahem” unit so to speak. Yep, our favorite cyborg interpreter has an obvious phallic symbol seemingly attached to his costume.

How did this happen? Some say it is the stuff of Hollywood foolery or a costume malfunction. Let’s “drill down” on this space saga surprise and learn the truth behind the infamous C-3PO Star Wars card from the 70s. How did this happen to Topps trading cards in the 70s? What is the history of this most prodigious cyborg sighting? Finally, and most importantly what is this card worth?

6b51b0820d120dbd23c921201525eac3 The Infamous Star Wars Error Card: #207 C-3POHistory of #207 C-3PO (Anthony Daniels)

For the movie was premiering a few trading cards that were produced to celebrate and market this most outstanding space saga. Topps is probably the most popular and prominent producer of the series of cards Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, and Orange.  During production, a fluke accident was not caught by the Topps card makers and allowed to escape into  ‘Wars” fandom. From then on, we have been trying to answer the “how” of this most piercing card? One theory talked about equipment malfunction on set. Wrong! Another theory had the prop guys acting like teenagers and fooling around. Wrong! Finally, Anthony Daniels settles it once and for all:

“According to Daniels, the phallic mishap happened on set in London’s Elstree Studios while shooting the scene in which Threepio was to be lowered into his oil bath. “It really was oil,” Daniels tells Mental Floss. “I stood on a platform that gently lowered me into the green liquid. The crew had been kind enough to warm it. Not as much as was indicated by the steam. That was achieved with two electric kettles hidden behind me.”

image-1-170x300 The Infamous Star Wars Error Card: #207 C-3POBut this oil had an unintended consequence. “The oil permeated the inner spaces between me and the costume legs as I chatted with my new master, Luke Skywalker [Mark Hamill]. I eventually rose again, dripping but without incident. Or so I thought.” (Source: Mental Floss. “Anthony Daniels Finally Explains the Mystery,” by Jake Roseen. 2019. )

Possible Tinkering

Apparently, in the above-referenced article Daniels believed a Topps employee accentuated the protruding part with more detail. Hence the C-3PO “schwing” moment! Whatever the reason it is the kind of nuance collectors go insane over, hence the desirability of the card.

Star Wars Trading Card 1977 Value

Title Grade Currently Selling Past Sales
#207 C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) Trading Card PSA 9 Mint $1030 $5352!!!
#207 C-3PO Corrected Card (Anthony Daniels) PSA 7 NM $749 $246

C-3PO-300x225 The Infamous Star Wars Error Card: #207 C-3POConclusion

It appears in the past the error card was very expensive. However, the corrected card (see pic to right) seems to be catching up in price. One knowledgeable YouTuber I follow referenced this stating  “the corrected card is worth more.” It doesn’t appear that is the case as of yet. But he will probably be correct in the long run.

The Star Wars trading card #207 C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) is a funny card to own for adults. It is a great conversation piece and will probably continue to advance in value from this point on.  I would suggest getting your hands on both the error and correction cards while they last on eBay. The pricing is all over the place. My suggestion look for the crispiest card that looks new and buy em regardless of price.  Don’t let time run out on this speculation, “May the Force be with you.” 

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