The Importance of the Marvel Spotlight

by Matt Tuck

As the MCU keeps expanding, so does the popularity for Marvel Spotlights. Although there are already major keys in this important series, there are plenty of other issues you’ll want to add to your collection.

Marvel Spotlight is a great series for collectors considering the number of firsts you’ll find in those pages. When the series was first created, it was meant to be a title that Marvel could use as a test market of sorts. If characters were popular enough in Marvel Spotlight, then the company would move them to their own titles. The system worked, as the series was the proving ground for characters such as Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Spider-Woman, and many more.

Marvel-Spotlight-5-196x300 The Importance of the Marvel SpotlightMARVEL SPOTLIGHT #5

The most famous of the Marvel Spotlights, the first appearance of Ghost Rider has long ascended into “holy grail” territory. Even though his Hulu series may have been canceled, Ghost Rider is still getting his due as Marvel has unveiled a new self-titled comic. I won’t fill this post with sales data because the low grades tell the entire story. A 1.8 sold for $250 earlier this month, and a 2.0 brought $300 in September.





Marvel-Spotlight-28-194x300 The Importance of the Marvel SpotlightMARVEL SPOTLIGHT #28

For all those Moon Knight fans who cried foul for me not including Marvel Spotlight #28 in “The Moon Knight Keys You Need,” this is for you.

With everything Moon Knight picking up steam, it makes sense that his first solo adventure would be high on the collectible list. Ever since the D23 announcement, this issue has been among the more popular. Over the past 90 days, the 9.6 has sold 18 times, and it is currently averaging $392. Coming in a close second with 17 sales is the 9.4, which is averaging $264 over the last three months.




Marvel-Spotlight-32-194x300 The Importance of the Marvel SpotlightMARVEL SPOTLIGHT #32

For the Spider-Woman fan, this is the issue to have as I mentioned in “Three Keys to Watch: Spider-Woman.” This issue was originally used to secure the rights to the name “Spider-Woman,” but she quickly gained a following and soon had her own series and eventually a cartoon show.

After the success of Into the Spider-Verse, Sony has stated that a female-centered spin-off is in the works. While no characters have been announced, it is speculated that Spider-Woman will play a large role, and that makes this issue even more popular.

Following a brief spike of Spider-Verse, the 90-day averages have been on the decline. Of the 12 universal grades that have sold in the last three months, seven have dropped below their 2018 fair market values. Still, this issue is bound to pick up eventually.

Marvel-Spotlight-6-vol-2-194x300 The Importance of the Marvel SpotlightMARVEL SPOTLIGHT #6 (VOLUME 2)

Although Star-Lord’s first official appearance was in Marvel Preview #4, Marvel Spotlight gave us Peter Quill’s debut in a traditional comic format. Ever since James Gunn gave us a comical version of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, the character has morphed in the comics as well, but he was much different when this issue was published.

Despite the onscreen Star-Lord’s popularity, prices for this issue have been on the decline. For instance, the 9.6 has fallen from a 2017 average of $110 to selling for $79 last month.


Obviously, there are more key issues in the Marvel Spotlight saga. Stay tuned for a follow up on the other comics you’ll want from this historic series.


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