The Hottest Silver Age Comics on the Market

by Matt Tuck

The hottest Silver Age comics belong to Marvel royalty as the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man are on the move among collectors.

It’s all about the MCU. Thanks to movies, sequels, streaming series, and rumored appearances, Marvel dominated the Silver Age market. Of all the issues listed on the GoCollect Hottest Comics index, Marvel owns everything that is on fire at the moment. Here’s your breakdown.

FF-3-204x300 The Hottest Silver Age Comics on the Market81. FANTASTIC FOUR #3 (+317)

It’s good to see the F.F. getting so much love from collectors. Marvel’s first family had several firsts in this issue. It marked the first time they wore their classic costumes as well as the first appearances of the Baxter Building, the Fantasti-car, and the Fantasti-copter.

Why is this issue so popular? With every passing day comes new rumors of how the F.F. will enter the MCU. Although Marvel Studios has said very little on the topic, that hasn’t slowed the speculation that they will be pulled into the fold in either Phase Four or Five.



Incredible-Hulk-1-vol-1-201x300 The Hottest Silver Age Comics on the Market100. INCREDIBLE HULK #1 (+235)

It’s hard to imagine the first Hulk comic being outside the top 100 but bear in mind that it’s a holy grail comic. With such a high fair market value, not many collectors can afford it. That’s why it’s significant that it jumped nearly 250 spots in the past month.






ASM-33-196x300 The Hottest Silver Age Comics on the Market69. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #33 (+220)

In Steve Ditko’s 38-issue run on ASM, this may be his most popular cover. This classic art is a mainstay among Spidey fans, and it rocketed over 200 positions in the past month. How can you not love Silver Age Spider-Man caught under a pile of rubble?






FF-66-1-197x300 The Hottest Silver Age Comics on the Market95. FANTASTIC FOUR #66 (+152)

This cover is unintentionally hilarious. The way Thing is frantically pounding on the barrier gives him the same look I have when I need a truck stop bathroom.

Like all things Adam Warlock, this issue is gaining popularity with the speculation that he will appear in the MCU soon. While he’s not featured in F.F. #66, this is when the origin of Him began.





ASM-2-200x300 The Hottest Silver Age Comics on the Market65. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #2 (+125)

You can’t go wrong by investing in early Steve Ditko Spider-Man comics. With all the talk of the Sinister Six and Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes featured in the Morbius trailer, it’s helped Vulture’s first appearance get a booster shot. Even if it doesn’t get a major lift in value, this will always be a holy grail just because it’s the second issue of ASM.





FF-53-199x300 The Hottest Silver Age Comics on the Market79. FANTASTIC FOUR #53(+113)

Not as popular as F.F. #52, Fantastic Four #53 is still a major key in its own right as this issue marked the second appearance of Black Panther. It also gave us the first appearances of Klaw and T’Chaka. Don’t forget that vibranium was first mentioned in this issue as well.






ASM-17-198x300 The Hottest Silver Age Comics on the Market63. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #17 (+80)

There’s still plenty of speculation that Norman Osborn is coming to the MCU, and that makes any early Green Goblin/Norman key fertile ground for investments. He made his second appearance in ASM #17, and it was the first time readers saw his glider.






falcon-199x300 The Hottest Silver Age Comics on the Market18. CAPTAIN AMERICA #117 (+75)

Now that we have our first images of Sam Wilson suiting up as Captain America for his upcoming Disney+ series, this issue is booming again. Of course, it’s not like it has been cold in the past year. Ever since Captain America passed the shield to Falcon in Avengers: Endgame, collectors have been fighting for their copies of Sam’s first appearance.





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Rico March 25, 2020 - 9:30 pm

Now this can be interesting………… but when I click on the link provided and I look at position #81 – it does say Fantastic Four #3 but is shows a +154 jump NOT +317 jump as stated in the article? When I look at your next example, Incredible Hulk #1 at position #100 I don’t even see it on the Most Popular Silver Age Comic Books list; instead at #100 it is Captain America #111? Not sure how often this list gets updated but I am thinking maybe that had something to do with it. Just want to make sure I am reading this right. Thanks.

Matt Tuck March 26, 2020 - 8:48 am

The reason you’re seeing different rankings is because the data changes so rapidly. With the nature of proofreading and editing, it takes a few days and sometimes a week before a blog is posted. By the time the post is live, the rankings have changed. Thanks for the feedback.


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