The Hot List: Thor #338 and X-Men #134

by Matt Tuck

Thor #338 and X-Men #134 have seen a boost in popularity over the past month. Now both comics have cracked the top 50 on the Hottest Comics list.

Where did I get my data? Using the Hottest Comics index, I compared the data from October 1 to November 1 with that from September 1 to October 1. Focusing on the top-50 most popular comics, these were the five titles that made the most noise on the list. What you’ll find is the comic’s position on the October list followed by the amount of change from September. 

Thor-338-194x300 The Hot List: Thor #338 and X-Men #13448. THOR #338 (+88)

The biggest mover in the top-50 Bronze Age comics, it’s no wonder Thor #338 is so popular; it’s Beta Ray Bill’s second appearance. Although he hasn’t been officially confirmed for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, there have been a plethora of rumors pointing to Bill joining the cast. Even if he doesn’t, Kevin Feige and company have made it clear that Beta Ray Bill will be part of the MCU past his cameo on the Grandmaster’s tower in Thor: Ragnarok





X-Men-134-196x300 The Hot List: Thor #338 and X-Men #13441. X-MEN #134 (+51)

X-Men #101 may get all the attention, but X-Men #134 has a more significant impact when it comes to the team’s history. While X-Men #101 gave readers their first glimpse of the Phoenix force as it bonded with Jean Grey, X-Men #134 is arguably the bigger issue because it introduced the world to the Dark Phoenix, one of the most famous and popular of all the X-Men stories. After two film interpretations of the comic event, the Dark Phoenix saga still holds its appeal to comic fans everywhere.





Iron-Man-55-199x300 The Hot List: Thor #338 and X-Men #13432. IRON MAN #55 (+37)

Just when you thought Thanos’ first appearance had peaked and collectors had moved on, the Mad Titan’s debut picked up steam in October. A month prior, this issue was sitting outside the top-50 Hottest Comics, and now it’s nearly cracking the top 30. In the end, it’s due to his enduring popularity as a villain both onscreen and in the comics. Even though his MCU time may be finished, this will remain a popular issue.





DC-comics-presents-26-201x300 The Hot List: Thor #338 and X-Men #13438. DC COMICS PRESENTS #26 (+36)

The DC streaming service hasn’t given us many bona fide hits, but Titans scored well among fans. That is the most likely reason for DC Comics Presents #26 making such large strides on the Hottest Comics index over the past month. After all, DC #26 featured the first appearance of the Teen Titans. The word on the street is that the Titans will be crossing into the Arrowverse in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and that will only add to their mainstream appeal.





Spectacular-Spider-Man-1-190x300 The Hot List: Thor #338 and X-Men #13444. SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #1 (+34)

As far as a single issue, there’s not much that makes this comic a key. However, it is the second Spider-Man series following Amazing Spider-Man, and that makes this a standout issue worth adding to your collection. For those wanting a piece of Spider-Man history without taking out a loan for ASM #1, this is a great comic to have. 







These days, Beta Ray Bill and Bronze Age X-Men keys are a lock and for good reason. Sooner or later, Bill will be confirmed for a live-action premiere, and when that happens, all of his key issues will explode. The X-Men are finally back in the good graces of Marvel Comics, and with their MCU inclusion on the distant horizon, investing in the early Chris Claremont years is a safe bet.


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