The Holo-Hunt for an Error in Wolverine #75

by Norman Robinson III

042921E_3-300x157 The Holo-Hunt for an Error in Wolverine #75Holograms are cool, but not necessarily valuable in and by themselves. What if we had a hologram error cover; would that be worth something? What is the difference in price between the standard green hologram and the blue error hologram cover? Is the trend return worthy as an investment? Let me introduce you to Wolverine #75. For a time during the 1990s, the publishers were throwing everything and I do mean everything at the wall. They even put holograms on the covers of comics to encourage sales. I gotta tell you of all the gimmicks from that era this one is my favorite. I mean what is cooler than a hologram; certainly not a metallic cover? The holograms are my favorite from the 1990s by far.

Recently, I acquired a Wolverine #75, which typically has a greenish reddish kinda hologram. It is particularly cool as it has Wolvie coming out of the comic at you. This is the first reveal of Wolverine’s most potent weapon, the nature of his claws. It reveals that the claws are not implants and that he first had bone claws. I would hate to be this guy’s manicurist.

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This is actually quite a big origin nuanced key for this character, after all, it changes his nature from merely a mechanical construct of the government to a feral mutant! One comic shop put it well… “Magneto, the Master of Magnetism, just sucked out all the Adamantium in Wolverine’s body, leaving him a bloody, pulpy mess. First appearance of Wolverine’s bone claws. Can even Wolverine’s vaunted healing factor save him this time?” The bottom line; this is one helluva a story to be sure.

eyJidWNrZXQiOiJnb2NvbGxlY3QuaW1hZ2VzLnB1YiIsImtleSI6ImU2ZDlkYTFjLTY2YzktNDdkMS1iOWYxLThhOWZjNzRiODUwZS5qcGciLCJlZGl0cyI6W119 The Holo-Hunt for an Error in Wolverine #75Wolverine #75(Blue Hologram Error Cover)

Apparently, during the printing of these hologram cards, some, a very few were damaged by the process and lost some of their hologram green effects and instead became blue holograms. How this happened I have no idea, but obviously, someone screwed up the process and now collectors and speculators alike can salivate about finding a “blue hologram error!”

The real question here is What is the difference between these two books? Good luck with your holo-hunt after reading this article.

Title Grade Price YTD Return Trend Five Year Return Trend
Wolverine #75 9.8 $117 +6.1% +45.4%
Wolverine #75 (Blue Hologram Error Cover) 9.8 $1130 -69.1% +32.4%

main-qimg-88488fd24f56749df133fb3a7d2abdf9 The Holo-Hunt for an Error in Wolverine #75The standard Wolverine #75 is all over the map with prices. I chose the highest price in that grade recently paid. The Wolverine #75, (Blue Hologram Error Cover,) on the other hand, has been steadily increasing value over time. That said, the price provided is a bit of a skewed number and further investigation is required to pin down a price trend. But that said, one sold for one heckuva a lot of Qautloo!

Conclusion (Claws Retracted)

Before we sell grandma’s spoon collection to afford a blue hologram error cover, remember it is just a comic book, and the rarity of the item along with a mix of popularity is what gives it value. Will this particular rare error hold its value? Maybe. Check your collections, don’t go insane like Magnetto; simply suit up like any good speculator would and begin the hunt for this rare gimmick!

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Footer_Youtube_12.3.2020-1 The Holo-Hunt for an Error in Wolverine #75

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Justin May 2, 2021 - 9:43 am

Oh you’ve hit my sweet spot. I’m an avid hologram collector. The error is because those greens and oranges you see on your issue were not printed into the hologram making it lack depth with the true RGB There are many issues that claim to be hologram error” but the trick to picking the right one is making sure at ALL angles the hologram is blue. If there’s any sight of greens or oranges it’s not a true error. The other way these false errors come into play especially in newsstand is that they were exposed to direct sunlight and make it look like an error, but it’s not. X-Men 25 also has a couple manufacturing errors, but also has a few more variants that are really nice. To date my favorite hologram cover is Exiles 1. Full cover hologram in all its glory, even if it’s a rudimentary style hologram. Good luck finding a 9.8 though only less than 5 in the census. Thanks for bringing the awareness with this story.

Ryan Bush May 3, 2021 - 2:58 pm

I read your article calmy pulled out my wolverine comic collection scanned to #75, I have them all, pulled it out and let the protective cover over the hologram slowly slide down inside the sleeve. I haven’t removed them from their sleeves since I bought them. I believe I have a blue error hologram. There is no red at all showing. I’d be glad to send you a pic but I don’t know where to send it.


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