The Helstrom Bust: Time to Invest

by J

mephisto-social-e1611610873293-300x263 The Helstrom Bust: Time to Invest

The final non-MCU Marvel TV series was a bust. And that makes it the perfect time to pick up some Helstrom keys.

If you’re like me, you can’t watch everything. You have a job, you value your time, and you don’t want to watch bad stuff. So no, I haven’t watched Helstrom because I have little reason to. Just about every review I could find had little praise to shout, which means I’ll watch something else. (Catching up on HBO’s Lovecraft Country has been the best of the best TV for me as of late). But I do know one thing: it’s been a very long 9 years since Ghost Rider graced the big screen and I’m very confident he (or she) will be returning at some point. What does that mean? It means you can toss this final pre-MCU television series away and wait patiently for a revamp of the darkest corners of Marvel. If Blade is coming, then the rest of the hellbent characters of Marvel are sure to follow.

gr2-201x300 The Helstrom Bust: Time to InvestGhost Rider #2 – 1st Appearance of Son of Satan

This is the first appearance of Damon Hellstrom in his not-so-Christian-friendly name of the “Son of Satan.” Doesn’t get much more damning than that. Despite the controversial name and subjects of Occultism, Satanism, and Wiccanism in the Marvel Spotlight run, the series was a hot seller back when it came out. Even in the wake of an unsuccessful Hulu television series, the 9.8 FMV on Ghost Rider #2 is a whopping $2,400! You might opt for the mid-grade with a 7.5 FMV at around $150.

satana-192x300 The Helstrom Bust: Time to InvestVampire Tales #2 – 1st Appearance of Satana

The sister of Damon Hellstrom sharing the screen in the Hulu series is that of Satana. While her first comic appearance was most certainly Marvel Premiere #27 (9.8 FMV of $80) the actual first appearance of Satan’s favorite daughter came to the pages of Vampire Tales #2 two years prior. Usually, I don’t go for these mags much, but it’s the clear victor when it comes to the first appearance of the character. If you’re going for the true first appearance, then the magazine is a clear choice. An FMV of 9.8 commands a cool 2Gs with a mid-grade 7.5 setting you back around $250.

ss3-204x300 The Helstrom Bust: Time to InvestSilver Surfer #3 – 1st Appearance of Mephisto

Before you go crazy, I know Mephisto is not related to the Son of Satan or Satana. But, he certainly fits the hellish theme and is always worth a mention of a popular villain that could be coming to the darker side of Marvel. I really love the cover of Silver Surfer #3; it’s a work of art. For some, that alone warrants inclusion in their collection. Additionally, it’s the first appearance of a classic Marvel villain that could be the Thanos of the underworld if given the opportunity. (Although I do love Mephisto’s role in Universe X.) This comic is going to cost quite a bit more than the two previously mentioned with a 9.8 FMV coming in at almost $30,000! You might go for a 7.5 which would set you back around $575.

Wrap Up

I don’t expect these books to cool off for long, but collectors and speculators are definitely looking at other keys right now (although SS #3 has always been a hot book). Anyhow, the dark side of Marvel is coming; it’s only a matter of time. I say jump in while the water isn’t boiling. Tell us your thoughts; do you have any interest in Helstrom?

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Tune-in-now-footer The Helstrom Bust: Time to Invest

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Spidey February 12, 2021 - 10:36 pm

For the record, the 1st comic book appearance of Satana was in Marvel Spotlight #22 (published in June 1975). Marvel Premiere #27 was published 6 months later in December 1975.

J February 13, 2021 - 2:53 am

Good catch! I was caught up in the title. Looks like an undervalued book.

Nathan February 13, 2021 - 6:01 pm

Your 7.5 FMV for SS 3 is out of date. Its been selling for much higher recently. 8.0’s are over $2000.

J February 14, 2021 - 2:07 pm

Goes to show just how fast these things are climbing.

Greese February 14, 2021 - 3:18 pm

Also, have you seen the first appearance in Ghost Rider 2 or is that just hearsay? I have many times and that is NOT the first appearance of anything. I get so frustrated at false information. I spent $2000 on the comic and after reading it realized it is just a guy in a trench coat, Nothing happens. The first appearance is in the next issue.

J February 14, 2021 - 7:18 pm

Not sure what you mean by hearsay. Just going off of CGC which denotes Ghost Rider #2 as the “First Full Appearance of Daimon Hellstrom” and “First Appearance of Son of Satan (Cameo).” I’d take your grievance up with CGC.


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