The Helstrom Keys You Need

by Matt Tuck

After Marvel Studios announced its cast for Helstrom, collectors are searching for the Son of Satan’s key issues, but you’re also going to want to watch for Satana’s keys.

With a full cast lined up, Helstrom is on the fast track to come to Hulu next year. While it’s not going to have the same size audience as the Disney+ shows, this should still pull in a respectable viewership, and that will inevitably raise values for the key issues connected to Helstrom. No surprise, the prices started rising after the series was announced, but the closer it gets to a reality, the higher the values rise.

Ghost-Rider-1-201x300 The Helstrom Keys You NeedGHOST RIDER #1

This was already a major key since it was the modern Ghost Rider’s first self-titled series. Now that Daimon Hellstrom is making his live-action debut, this issue has become even more collectible because the Son of Satan made his first appearance cameo in the pages of Ghost Rider #1. The irony is that the original plan was for Ghost Rider to star in a Hulu series, but that idea was canceled, and now Helstrom is on the slate for 2020. 





Ghost-Rider-2-201x300 The Helstrom Keys You NeedGHOST RIDER #2

After being teased in GR #1, the second issue of the series gave readers their first full look at the Son of Satan, Daimon Hellstrom. Clearly, this is the issue to have when it comes to Hellstrom, and the price tag reflects it. Nearly every grade of Ghost Rider #2 has been on the rise, though it’s mostly upper-mid to near-mint grades getting the nod. The 7.5 grade tells the tale. Two years ago, it averaged $50, and there were no sales in 2018. Last month on the heels of the Hulu news, that same 7.5 brought nearly $200.




Marvel-Spotlight-12-204x300 The Helstrom Keys You NeedMARVEL SPOTLIGHT #12

For the Hellstrom fan, this is a significant issue to have, plus it’s not going to take selling an organ to add it to your collection. Ghost Rider #1 and #2 may be the bigger keys, but Marvel Spotlight #12 gives readers Hellstrom’s origin as well as his first solo adventure. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also his first cover appearance, and an eye-catching cover at that. For more on this issue, check out “More Marvel Spotlights.”






Vampire-Tales-2-223x300 The Helstrom Keys You NeedVAMPIRE TALES #2

The Son of Satan may be getting most of the attention, but don’t ignore the significance of Satan’s Daughter, Satana. She will be an integral part of the show, and that will drive up prices for her first appearance in Vampire Tales #2. While there haven’t been any meteoric increases in values for VT #2, it’s still commanding respectable figures. A 9.6 brought $800 in August, and a 6.0 sold for $140 earlier this month.


What I’m most intrigued by is that Helstrom is prefacing the horror age of the MCU. Certainly Blade and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will truly bring the macabre to Marvel’s films, but Helstrom is a strong step forward. Who knows? If it’s a hit, maybe we can see more horror characters like Werewolf by Night and Man-Thing in live-action. In all honesty, how many more action-comedies do we need? I say bring on the horror.


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