The Golden Age Comes to Kickstarter: The Gallows Man

by Ariel Lazo

Golden-Age-Comes-300x157 The Golden Age Comes to Kickstarter: The Gallows ManKickstarter has been the go-to platform for many artists to get published. This site provides the means for creators to share their visions with the world to help to fund them. It’s also a great way for fans to show support to projects they truly love. I was given the honor to actually check out one of these projects before the launch.

Gallows-Man-Full-cover-198x300 The Golden Age Comes to Kickstarter: The Gallows ManWhat’s the Project?

The project is called The Gallows Man by Dismay Comics and written by Brandon Ingram. This features the story and hijinks of The Gallows Man and Noose Boy.  The art is done by Helen Boulton, Cover by Thomas Tikas, and Variant Cover by Rick Alves.  According to Brandon, this comic book is “A golden age superhero tale with the fun campiness of the 1960s Batman show, mixed with the violence of a Tarantino movie!” Normally authors LOVE to overhype their books, but this one delivers!

Personal Thoughts…

I personally love the cover and the interior art. It has beautiful colors and clean lines throughout, making it an easy read and easy to follow. As I stated above, this book has some awesome key elements from our favorite hero, Batman. Every so often you will see those hit bubbles that made the Batman show so infamous. Plus the first story has to do with old-school Nazi soldiers, which is what first drove fans to read comics during the Golden Age.

Capture-189x300 The Golden Age Comes to Kickstarter: The Gallows ManI don’t want to write too much and give away the story, but let’s just say it involves a crazy Nazi cult, superheroes kicking butt in a Kill Bill kind of way, and lots of mystery. It even has the right amount of “cheesiness” in it to make it funny. However, what I love the best is the story. It is a slow build but when you dive deep you will find plenty of Tarantino mayhem to entice any modern reader.

At the end of the book, you also get a great insight into the author. He gives up a little of himself to show you the path he has traveled in order to make his dream come to fruition.Gallows-Man-pg-194x300 The Golden Age Comes to Kickstarter: The Gallows Man In the future, Brandon plans on keeping that last page for the fans. After the book launches, he wants the fans to write in. Whether it is good or bad, he wants to hear from us all.

Details on the Book and Launch Date

The book currently is on Kickstarter with an iconic launch date. The Gallows Man #1 will launch on the day that all Star Wars fans celebrate, May 4th. All I can say is please take a Reviews-Gallows-Man-229x300 The Golden Age Comes to Kickstarter: The Gallows Manlook and judge for yourself. Collectors all ask for amazing comics, but few support the creators who need the help. This is your chance to be a part of a project. Check out the sites, speak with the creators, and get ready for the Golden Age to rise again!

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