The Ghost Rider You Haven’t Heard Of

by Jake Zawlacki

ghostrider-198x300 The Ghost Rider You Haven’t Heard OfWith the recent news surrounding the possibility of Ghost Rider entering the MCU via the new Blade movie, there’s a hot chance the price of a certain Ghost Rider could skyrocket in the coming years.

The book is relatively unknown and held a position in the Fear Itself arc. Ghost Rider #1 vol something (There have been so many reboots it’s hard to keep track) is the first appearance of Alejandra Jones. For the uninitiated (most of you), she’s the daughter of a human trafficker and ends up in Nicaragua with Adam (of Edenic legend). Adam convinces Johnny Blaze to give up his mantle as the Ghost Rider and Alejandra inherits it. That’s the skinny of it.

Overall, the series was okay. With a short run of nine issues, Alejandra hasn’t been involved in much besides getting her spine ripped out of her body and eaten by Carnage in Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengeance. She’s been living the quiet life.

And so has her first appearance. When news struck about the possibility of her in Blade, the prices bumped, but there’s still plenty of room for them to go. This book should still be at your local comic store on the cheap.

Ghost Rider Variants

You could probably find one of the three variant covers in the dollar bin if you know what you’re looking for, but they aren’t plentiful. I’ve been searching for the Neal Adams cover (the Arthur Lozzi cover currently mislabeled on GoCollect) for a long time with no success and with the book going on ten years old, you may have to do some serious digging to find the treasure.

However, I’d recommend you snag one while you can, because Alejandra Jones could very well be the next Ghost Rider. Her inclusion in the MCU makes sense. Doctor Strange and Blade will pave the way for spiritual and mystical craziness. Craziness that involves a young woman with a flaming skull because of a deal with the Devil.

It’s also the best way to avoid Nic Cage’s Johnny Blaze character. There’s always the possibility he can come back with Sam Elliot in a cameo of a new Ghost Rider MCU movie. Maybe Cage’s Blaze could be in a flashback explaining how she acquired the Spirit of Vengeance in the first place.

Or maybe not. Bringing in a new Ghost Rider through Blade just feels right, Cage and Elliot be damned. And it’s going to feel a lot better if you happened to grab a blank sketch cover and have your favorite artist do a sketch of a totally badass Alejandra Jones Ghost Rider homage.

That’s my idea anyway. I’ll grab a regular cover too. With the current price of a graded 9.8 #1 at around $100, I don’t see why you wouldn’t do the same.


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