The Future is Now…or 2099!

by Michael Vlachakis

171467_91ab7dd67201a5b640bb075c14d9a31423c176a1-194x300 The Future is Now...or 2099!

I’m old enough to remember when a hologram was about the coolest, most amazing wizardry ever to occur.  Let’s face it…they are still kinda cool like I assume Pogs still are.  If only there was some way to find a collectible that includes my love of comic books along with the enthralling visuals of a 90’s era hologram.  Man, that would be amazing.

There has been a steady run of graded copies of Amazing Spider-Man #365 selling recently, and it caught my curiosity.  I was familiar with this book, but why have so many copies been selling, selling consistently, and actually seeing some gains in value during the process?  This book is the first appearance of Spider-Man…no, not that Spider-Man, the other Spider-Man.  Spider-Man 2099 is whom I was referring to, as in…Miguel O’Hara, of course!

Miguel O’Hara is from a future that is after what was known as the “Heroic Age”, or the current Marvel continuity.  As a geneticist, Miguel was tasked with making super-soldiers for a mega-corporation and uses his knowledge of Spider-Man in hopes of creating a similarly powered person.  After an attempt to cure himself of an addiction to a genetically-enhanced drug that was used to indenture him, Miguel gained the powers of a spider and set out to be a vigilante for the common man against the mega-corporations.  The introduction of Spider-Man 2099 led Marvel to create a whole slate of characters under the Marvel 2099 banner as a possible Marvel future introduced in 1992.  Some of the Marvel mainstays joined Spider-Man in having a 2099 counterpart including The Hulk, The Punisher, Dr. Doom, X-Men, Ghost Rider, and The Fantastic Four.  All the characters inhabited the same Techno-Corporate future and 20 different series or one-shots were dedicated to the 2099 universe.

Amazing Spider-Man books seems to be a safe bet in the comic speculation world.  Spidey is the most prominent of all the Marvel characters and a favorite for collectors.  Amazing Spider-Man #365 is a cool book, not just due to the hologram cover, but due to the fact that it is one in a collector series of hologram covers, it also has the first appearance of Miguel O’Hara, and it is a 30th Anniversary issue, generally it appears to be a darling with buyers.  With 590 9.8 graded copies on the census, there should be plenty of copies available if you are looking to scoop one up.  The competition on the market can lead to finding a steal that is listed for bid or priced low due to bad market tracking.

I don’t expect the 2099 crew to be featured in any major Marvel offerings in the near future, but as the drive for expanded content continues, don’t count out a 2099 series on Disney+ at some point.  If you happened to see the Into the Spiderverse movie, Miguel O’Hara is featured in the after credits scene, and it is absolutely hilarious…I highly recommend checking it out.

Do you have a favorite Marvel 2099 character?  Would it be a good idea for Marvel to jump to the future with their characters?  Drop your comments and join the speculation!

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