The Furious Sales Tempo of X-Men: Red #1

by Norman Robinson III

725650_866e0f57044b2695bfd7c7edf640137c820975d3-194x300 The Furious Sales Tempo of X-Men: Red #1

The newest comic to hit the shelves is X-Men: Red #1 (Unknown Comics Edition) and was created by Mahmud Asrar (artist) and Tom Taylor (writer). These guys knocked it out of the park and have a great cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto. Sporting a Black Panther appearance doesn’t hurt the comic either since the Black Panther movie is officially the third top grossing movie of all time(YouTube). This latest revamp of the X-Men has climbed 174 tiers to be one of the most popular comics (GoCollect).

Essentially, Marvel has created an X-men team arisen from the ashes of the old in X-Men:Red #1. Their leader is Jean Grey the group consists of the new female Wolverine (Laura Kinney), with Namor, and Nightcrawler. In their first adventure they face down a threat to professor Xavier’s legacy. This first appearance of the new X-men: Red #1 is a must-have; another in a long line of X-men comics to own. But most importantly, it is the first time Laura Kinney(X-23) joins the team as the new Wolverine. Collect this big key now while it is available.

Gabriele Dell’Otto Cover

Recently this comic published the slick virgin cover by Gabriele Dell’Otto which then clawed her way to #1 most popular recent comic (GoCollect). Dominating the competition just like the X-Men do on a  battlefield. This artist is by himself a reason to own this book, often Dell’Otto has trendy covers. This book came out on March 31, 2018, only ten days ago; and had already seen 30 sales on eBay in that time frame.

Tempo Drill Down

The scope of this sales tempo is 30 sales over ten days. That is three sales per day. At this rate of 3 per day by the end of the month, there could be a total of 90 books sold. Let’s compare this book to another famous comic says the ultra-hip Dark Nights: Batman Who Laughs #1. The popularity of BWL #1 had a total of 67 sales over the last three months. Far less of a tempo than X-Men: Red #1 which has only been on the market ten days.


If Dark Nights: Batman Who Laughs #1 pulls down 67 sales in three months then at current tempo X-Men: Red #1 will sell a potential whopping 270 books over the next two and a half months. This is a double whammy because currently there are only 193 copies in the CGC Census. Therefore, this book could potentially outsell its inventory which will drive the price straight through the roof. It will be the top dog and dominate the recent comic rankings. Let’s see if this comic book will keep this tempo and outdistance its opponents, like Lance Armstrong on the Tour de France minus all his strange blood doping Kabuki theatre.


Bottom line, if you can buy any copy of this book do; but most especially this “Virgin” copy. It is going to be the book for 2018 in my humble blog-investor opinion. X-Men: Red #1 has very practical trifecta going for it: First, it is the first new X-Men #1. Second, it is the first appearance of the new female version of Wolverine. Finally, the sales tempo is red hot right now. I don’t think you can miss this profit pool by jumping in. Don’t let Laura’s (new Wolverine) ingrown toenail problem scare you; she is a kitten buy a copy and own her furious tempo.

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