The Funkiest Concert Posters: George Clinton and P-Funk

by Daniel Paiz
Clinton-pfunk-207x300 The Funkiest Concert Posters: George Clinton and P-Funk

artwork by Craig Haskett, also known as Scrojo

Whenever I think of concert posters, I think of the funkiest band with the funkiest concert posters ever. There are plenty of bands out there that have trippy, psychedelic and funky posters. However, George Clinton and P-Funk’s (better known as Parliament Funkadelic) inspiration goes beyond just music. It’s also more than just the fashion influence and stage show. The artwork is both timeless and fairly affordable as well.

George Clinton and company’s artwork spans as long as their musical careers. There are a few that immediately capture my attention when rummaging through different Clinton/P-Funk posters. Let’s first look at this piece from Scrojo, also known as graphic artist Craig Haskett. Haskett has been creating concert poster artwork for over 30 years in countless venues, primarily creating for the Belly Up venues in Colorado and California. When an artist can boast The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters, and Public Enemy¬†for starters, you’re viewing some solid concert poster work.

Such concert work is also not that expensive. For example, this Scrojo piece last popped up as $7.99 on eBay. As you might expect, I found this image with a “SOLD” sticker on it (to my slight dismay). Most posters of this quality are ranging between $25 and $35 a poster. It honestly depends on the year of the poster and the availability of said poster. One such limited run that I came across in person was at the end of 2019; George Clinton and Co. strutted their way to the Mile High City (Denver, CO for those of you unfamiliar to this term).

Experiencing one of the greats

I honestly didn’t have any expectations to see George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic in my lifetime. George is getting up there in age, and all of that touring has caught up with Mr. Clinton. In Denver, where altitude can kind of impact a performer’s endurance, Clinton and Co. pushed through said barrier. Mission Ballroom is the venue this legendary group rocked to the ground, and they are doing something a little bit different at other Denver venues.

Mission Ballroom puts out a unique piece of poster artwork for every show. This is the poster created for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic coming to town:

gclinton-p-funk-2019-167x300 The Funkiest Concert Posters: George Clinton and P-Funk

While it isn’t that trippy by George Clinton and P-Funk’s standards, it delivers a classic image associated with the band in a new way. What’s also pretty cool about this artwork (which was created by Arik Roper) is that there were only a limited number of posters made available in the lead-up to the show. Around 100-150 signed posters were ready prior to this concert, and they cost more than I expected.

From my research so far, these posters can cost close to $150 for a signed copy. With 150 copies or less floating out there it makes sense (just not for this casual P-Funk fan). It pretty much comes down to what you enjoy.

If you really fancy a particular band, movie, show, etc., then the sticker price might be well worth it. If you are going for an item that’s value will steadily increase, then older bands that are close to retiring or have been inactive is the way to go. It all depends on if you want the funkiest walls around.


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