THE FRONTIERSMAN #19: Axel Alonso and the future of Marvel

by Jeff

FM19cvr THE FRONTIERSMAN #19: Axel Alonso and the future of MarvelMedia Release — Axel Alonso has been in the driver’s seat of Marvel Comics’ publishing line for little more than a month. While he’s not looking to wipe out the image of Joe Quesada, Alonso does have big plans of his own… from bringing Garth Ennis back into the fold to taking the pants off of Howard the Duck. And just for the record, no he’s not bringing all-out sex and violence to the Marvel Universe proper. In the newest issue of The Frontiersman, we pick Alonso’s brain on all things Marvel, and of course, Fear Itself.

Also in this issue:

· Holy Switch-Up, Batman!: Can the new Batman and Robin creative team of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason make fans forget about Grant Morrison? We look ahead at the release of this week’s Batman and Robin #20.

· Spotlight on the Top Comics for February 9, including, Adventure Comics #523, Northlanders #37 and Hack/Slash #1, and of course the kick-off of the ‘Death of Spider-Man’ event in Ultimate Spider-Man #153 and Ultimate Avengers vs New Ultimates #1.

· DC Universe Online: Pretty Neat, But Not Super Yet: Warner Bros, Sony Online Entertainment and DC put some of their top flight talent to work on the biggest comics game of the year, DCUO. Did they create a wonderful game? Find out in our in-depth review.

· Visions of Star Wars: Some of the premier international comics artists – from Enki Bilal to Alex Ross and Yoshitaka Amano – were handpicked by George Lucas himself together to put to canvas their view on the Star Wars universe. We take a closer look at the Star Wars Visions coffee-table art book from Abrams and LucasFilm.

· The Fantastic Two: The Story of Reed & Sue: The Fantastic Four, Marvel’s ‘First Family’ have always been about family first. With the team now facing its latest crisis following the death of Johnny Storm, will Reed and Sue’s relationship endure?

· Guest Feature by Mike Bullock: In his piece ‘Creators Create’, the writer of Lions Tigers & Bears and Savage Beauty urges creators to bring their own ideas to life.

· The Wolf-man’s Final Howl: Robert Kirkman has wrapped The Astounding Wolf-Man together with artist Jason Howard. We tell you why the fourth collection of this Image Comics series deserves a space on your bookshelf.

· Exclusive preview of David Petersen’s Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #2, out from Archaia Comics on February 23.

The Frontiersman #19 is available on Graphicly and WOWIO for $1.49. Back issues of the magazine are available for $0.99.

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