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by Jeff

(San Francisco, CA) — eigoMANGA LLC and Visionary Comics Studio announces the forthcoming publication of The Frog Princess (Diamond Order Code JAN094212), an original hardcover graphic novel from writer Jeff Loew (finalist in the “Be a Visionary” contest co-sponsored by VCS and AAM/Markosia) and artist Rie Ikaza (aka “Fitri,” one of Indonesia’s hottest manga artists).

Inspired by true events, The Frog Princess tells the story of amphibian biologist Larissa Talcott, as she fights to save her research pond from real estate developers… while her new lawyer boyfriend Liam secretly helps the developers turn the pond into a golf course. Can their romance survive while Larissa holds on to her ideals and Liam tries to find his own true voice? And what about the frogs? Loew and Ikaza’s graphic novel combines romantic comedy, action, drama, and fantasy, all wrapped up in a socially-conscious eco-fable — in a formula catered for shojo manga readers.

“The concept for The Frog Princess came about when I learned that a local university was scrambling to save its biology labs after a change in the water supply threatened every amphibian on campus,” explains writer Loew, whose work has been featured in the Judge Dredd Megazine, Arcana’s Dark Horrors, eigoMANGA’s Sakura Pakk, and in a weekly column for comics news website Broken Frontier. “Starting from this basic conflict, the characters and situations just sprang to life.”

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Along with the fictionalized conflict of saving Larissa’s research pond, The Frog Princess deals with the real, broader issue of the drastic decline in the world’s amphibian populations.

“I thought the story was intriguing when it first came to our radar,” says Austin Osueke, eigoMANGA’s CEO and Publisher. “You have two people trying to rekindle a relationship but they’re fighting on two opposing ideals. It’s big business capitalism clashing with personal romantic feelings in the fight over the preservation of the environment. You get to find out what’s really worth fighting for and what’s going to win out in the end.”

Visionary Comics Studios head C. Edward Sellner shares Osueke’s excitement. “We’ve been fans of Jeff and his work ever since he entered and became a finalist in our ‘Be a Visionary’ talent contest. We’re thrilled to be working with eigoMANGA to bring the work of Jeff and Ms. Ikaza to a wider audience in a story that has a message we all need to hear.”

The complete Frog Princess hardcover also includes two backup short stories by Loew and world-renowned Argentinean master Oscar “Sensei” Capristo (Heavy Metal): “Goatspell” (featuring Grynn & Barrett, Dark Arts Detectives) and “I Married Ghost Girl”; along with a third short story by Loew and Spanish sensation Esdras, “Night and Day”. The Frog Princess Hardcover is available for pre-order now and ships on March 25, 2008, 120 pages, with a $14.95 cover price.

The Frog Princess can be previewed online at or


The Frog Princess
Intended Audience: 13+
Genre: Manga, Romance, Comedy
Format: Hard Cover Digest, 120 pgs, B&W, 6×9, Perfect Bound
Suggest Retail Price: $14.95
Release Date: 03/25/09
Distributor: Diamond Distributors
Diamond Item Code: JAN094212

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