The Forgotten X-Men

by Ariel Lazo

697274_x-men-legacy-300-198x300 The Forgotten X-MenYou can’t be a comic fan and NOT know who the X-Men are. Matter of fact, I bet many of you can even name every X-Men there ever was, right? Well, you might be wrong! There is one X-Men who has been part of the team for years, yet NO ONE can remember him. You can’t even find him on the Marvel website! Who is this secret mutant? Keep reading to find out!



With mutants having almost every power a person can fathom, why not have one who no one could remember. Enter ForgetMeNot. Created by Simon Spurrier and fellow artists, he makes his debut in comics in X-Men: Legacy #300. His mutant powers cause his existence to be forgotten by all including technological systems. Very few people actually do remember ForgetMeNot as an X-Men, even Professor X had to set a mental alarm to remind him every hour.

ForgetMeNot_Earth-616_from_X-Force_Vol_4_14_001-190x300 The Forgotten X-Men

History with the X-Men Team

ForgetMeNot has been a member of the X-Men for over 6 years. Imagine giving your all to a team and cause for over 6 years and NO ONE EVEN KNEW YOU EXISTED! Yet to quote, ummm what’s his name again? Yes, ForgetMeNot! (Come on, you knew this joke was going to make it in here at some point) He stated:

“It’s better to do something that matters and not be noticed than the other way around. Now comes the hard part. Actually doing something that matters”

While serving with the X-Men team his history was retconned, because as we know, comics LOVE to retcon! His history now includes him battling Brood, relocating to Utopia, fighting during the Age of X, and memorializing Professor X when he died. Unfortunately, when no one can remember you, loneliness is your only best friend. Depressed, he went to Omega and Mimic to have his powers stripped, but due to a change of heart, he kept his powers.

ForgetMeNot_Earth-616_from_X-Force_Vol_4_10-284x300 The Forgotten X-Men

Bottom Line

Bottom line, although his first appearance will not make you money, still is a cool piece of X-Men lore. ForgetMeNot will live true to his name and many will forget him as soon as you click that X up top. So grab your favorite libation and raise a glass to this Forgotten X-Men, ForgetMeNot…

Till Next Time, Happy Hunting!

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