The Forgotten Venom First with MCU Implications

by Matt Tuck

032422A-1024x536 The Forgotten Venom First with MCU ImplicationsWhat does the MCU future hold for Venom? The answer could lie in the pages of 1986’s Web of Spider-Man #18.

Web-of-Spider-Man-18-198x300 The Forgotten Venom First with MCU Implications

Ever since Let There Be Carnage, fans were waiting for Tom Holland and Tom Hardy to cross paths. Just when it looked like the stage was set, Hardy’s Eddie Brock appeared in a NWH mid-credits scene just to get the rundown of the MCU before getting sent back to the Sony-verse.

As disappointing as that was, he left a piece of the symbiote behind, so Venom will be part of the MCU in the future. In fact, a piece of unused concept art from NWH shows Holland being “Venomized,” which raises eyebrows about the plot of the next Spider-Man movie.

It may be cloaked in mystery, but Marvel has big plans for Venom. At the same time, I can’t imagine Sony dumping the Venom movie franchise. That has me thinking we will see two Venoms on movie screens. One in the Sony-verse, and the other in the MCU before their eventual crossover. Rather than having two Eddie Brocks, I am curious if Kevin Feige and company will tap into the original concept for Venom that began in 1986.

Web-of-Spider-Man-18-interior-300x300 The Forgotten Venom First with MCU ImplicationsWEB OF SPIDER-MAN #18

This could be the route Marvel Studios takes to create an all-new Venom like never seen before. Years before Eddie bonded with the symbiote, the first pitch was for Venom’s host to be female, thus creating a true polar opposite of Peter Parker.

David Micheline’s wanted her to blame Spider-Man for the loss of her unborn child due to a miscarriage. The idea went far enough that a woman’s hand reached from the shadows to shove Peter Parker in front of a subway train.

The mystery character knew Peter’s secret identity. Though, it didn’t trigger his Spider-Sense, both a result of the symbiote’s bond with Spider-Man. Although the idea was soon abandoned, the mystery hand remains a famous part of Venom’s history.

Venom-Sinner-Takes-All-3-201x300 The Forgotten Venom First with MCU ImplicationsVENOM: SINNER TAKES ALL #3

If I’m right and Marvel opts for a female Venom host, then it will put the boosters on Venom: Sinner Takes All #3.

Although Anne Weying first bonded with the Venom symbiote an issue earlier, it’s that full appearance that collectors will be gunning for.

What truly sets Sinner Takes All #3 aside from STA #2 is the cover. The stunning artwork of She-Venom in all her glory makes this a prime target for cover hunters everywhere.

We’ve seen this issue get a bump courtesy of her live-action debut in 2018’s Venom, but imagine how hot this issue will become if a version of She-Venom appears in the MCU.

Venom-10-2004-195x300 The Forgotten Venom First with MCU ImplicationsVENOM #10 (2004)

Since Anne is firmly planted in the Sony-verse, then Marvel may need to look for a different woman to bond with the alien symbiote. Look no further than 2004’s Venom #10 when the sentient costume Venomized Patricia Robertson. Although she first appeared in 2003’s Venom #1, it’s her turn as She-Venom that should have your attention. 


Between Marvel and Sony, the future is bright for Venom. Tom Hardy has established himself as Eddie Brock, and Sony is in no hurry to replace his franchise.

While we’ve seen Anne sport the Venom costume on movie screens, I believe we will see She-Venom in the MCU. What would truly throw a wrench into Peter’s life would be for the symbiote to bond with Zendaya’s MJ and pit her against Spider-Man. 

Make your bets! Which Venom will we soon see in the MCU?
Let us know in the comments!

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